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Leading car park brand NCP came to us looking for help with:

  • SEO copywriting
  • Events and attractions landing pages
  • Geolocation pages

They wanted to enhance their user experience and also get better results with their SEO.

How did it go?

Case Study SEO Copywriting

After delivering the copy for this project a few months ago, we decided to go back to them, to see if our work had helped them achieve their business goals.  I spoke with Ricky Marshall (RM), Senior Digital Marketing Executive at NCP about how we did.

Project commissioning and progress

BSC: Why did you decide to commission this copywriting project in the first place?

RM: Our website was vastly in need of some new content to improve the customer journey, cater our car parks to particular events and attractions and increase SEO visibility. This was a big job to do internally with limited research so for cost/time efficiency we went on the search for a good copywriting agency to help us.

BSC: Why did you choose Big Star?

RM: After comparing multiple agencies, we liked the writing style of Big Star the most and they immediately understood our brief and what we hoped to achieve with the project. Costs also fitted well into our project budget.

BSC: What were your main concerns when you started the project?

RM: We have a very particular brand tone of voice and were worried this wouldn’t come through in the writing style.

BSC: How did Big Star deal with those concerns?

RM: Big Star worked with us to deliver multiple drafts of preliminary articles, perfecting the tone of voice to our brand guidelines before completing the other articles.

BSC: Do you think that working with us has saved you time?

RM: Definitely. We’re a busy team working on a lot of projects and didn’t want the quality of work to suffer. Using Big Star to assist us guaranteed a quick turnaround and work to a high quality.


BSC: How has the work affected your:

a) SEO?

RM: As part of our ongoing SEO strategy to increase organic rankings, the new content has helped increase our average rankings for city pages from #9-#10 to top 5 positions on Google.

b) Traffic?

RM: As part of a series of web page developments and improvements, the new optimised copy has generated a 30% growth in organic traffic YOY across our website. This increased traffic has helped inform more customers about our car parks and resulted in increased performance for our pre-book product.

Other benefits

BSC: Has the content we provided improved your business profile and reputation in any way?

RM: Although analysis hasn’t been done on the changes in particular, improving the content on our website makes the web journey better for our customer and they’re more likely to find what they’re looking for. We’re now able to target customers looking for parking in certain areas and have become a more convenient option for customers looking to park. This improvement in the customer journey has a positive effect on the customer as information is easier to find and more relatable to the topic they’re searching for.

BSC: What other benefits have you seen from the project?

RM: Having a copywriter to assist our web content building has saved us a lot of time internally and has allowed us to dedicate our workload to other key projects and day to day duties, ultimately improving efficiency.


It’s good to see how our content has positively impacted on NCP’s web traffic and user experience, it’s also heartening to know we saved them time.  As with all of our clients, taking the time in the initial stages of a project always pays dividends at the end.  With NCP we really took care to get the tone of voice absolutely spot-on and this meant the rest of the project ran smoothly and was delivered on time.

We’re happy when our clients get tangible benefits from our copy.  That’s at the heart of our service.

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