Funnels. They’re all the rage. Sexy opt ins, pop ups everywhere, lead magnets, tripwires… but for it all to work successfully you need compelling email copywriting.

Before email copywriting: you’ve done your groundwork right?

Let’s just assume – although maybe we shouldn’t – that you’ve got a killer value proposition and an awesome unique selling point. You’ve spent your time writing your brand story so you can easily get across the values and vision you’ve got to that perfectly targeted customer that you’ve identified so accurately that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

What next? Here’s our quick guide to where email copywriting fits into your campaign.

Opt In: Baiting the hook

First of all, you’ve got to get people to sign up to your email newsletter. What’s your bait? Free reports, how to guides, white papers – they can all benefit from the expertise of a professional copywriter. A good copywriter can give you a fresh perspective and help you to generate content that not only delivers the perceived value you need to encourage sign up but the real value that keeps readers engaged and interested.

Capture: A Warm Welcome

Once you’ve got your sign-up to your email newsletter what do you do with them? Well, that depends, but a nice, warm thank you message appropriate to your business might be a good start.

And while you’re at it why not start the beginning of your beautiful relationship with a little surprise? Free content, free advice, an introductory offer, a discount – an unexpected bonus just for signing up can get things off to a great start.

Engage: Overcome Doubts

There’s no point sending out email newsletters that never get opened. A bad subject line might get your newsletter slung straight in the spam bin or, if it does get through, straight in the trash.

You may already know what your open rates are – the question is are they good enough?

That one sentence might be the most important bit of email copywriting in the whole campaign, especially if you’re marketing direct to new customers through third party opt ins or mailing list rental.

Communicate: Start The Conversation

Engaging your customers isn’t just about the subject line of your creative. It’s about content – the meat of your email newsletter. Give your customers something useful, or interesting, or amusing but make sure it’s appropriate to your business and in line with your objectives.

The online world is all about relevance. The alignment of customer need with a seamless chain of relevance that leads from keyword, to web page, to content, to conversion is as close to you can get to a recipe for success. How do you deliver relevance in an email newsletter? Personalise and customise your content. Use your metrics to understand your customers then give them the content that is most relevant to them.

Clickthrough: Make The Conversion

Content for content’s sake is ineffective – your email has to work for a living by delivering sales (or donations, or votes…)

Absolutely give your customers something great to read but make sure they are acting on your email. Not only will a good email copywriter help you to answer the question ‘why am I sending this?’ but they can also create compelling calls to action so you get the results you want.

Be in it for the long-term: Everybody’s different.

Some of your customers will buy one thing and never buy anything from you again; some will carry on buying from you again and again. Others will actively engage with your newsletters for years before eventually deciding to part with hard earned cash.

One aspect of email copywriting and email marketing in general that is often overlooked is the steady drip-drip effect, the persistent mailing of high value, relevant content, the analysis, segmentation and testing.

People that do email marketing well know that, to cultivate loyalty and trust and to get your customers to be there for you when you most need them (at an event, a promotion, a new product) you need to develop a long-term relationship.

This is based on consistency, reliability and continuity. So if you want to deliver that you need an email copywriter that is in it for the long haul.

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