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Email copywriting service​

The right email copywriter can ensure your emails cut through inbox clutter, engage your customers and ultimately drive sales. Email marketing is still a powerful and effective way to reach your customers. Whatever your aim, we’ve got the subject lines and content to achieve it.

We know how to tailor our writing for sales-funnel techniques using email as a primary channel. We can also take a softer approach, writing engaging, valuable newsletter content to enhance loyalty and build market share. Whether you’re just embarking on email marketing or want to improve the results of your existing strategy, we’ll start wherever you are.

To find out more about our email copywriting service, fill in the form or give us a call on 01803 865025.

Written by qualified, experienced writers​

We have the expertise and experience required to craft business-winning copy that delivers serious value to your email marketing campaigns.

An understanding of different industries​

We’ve worked hard to build a talented and accomplished stable of writers who specialise in a wide range of fields of public and private sector industries.

Copy that's designed to improve metrics​

We recognise that high-quality content is the key to better open rates, more click-throughs, enhanced conversion and fewer unsubscribes.

We'll help you drive traffic and conversions

Email copywriting is a tricky skill to master. It’s about doing more with less, cutting through the junk and knowing what buttons to push. It requires a way with words, a good understanding of how people engage with content and an ability to target a specific audience. It necessitates a professional email copywriter.

Email marketing has been around since the advent of email itself. However, our understanding of what works and doesn’t work has evolved considerably over that time. Today, we know more about email readers’ habits and behaviours, email formatting and how to follow up on those initial contacts. Essentially, we’re better positioned to make more of an impact.

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Increase customer retention and engagement

Taking it back to basics, email copywriting and marketing involves reaching out directly to potential and existing customers via email. Sometimes those customers will have signed up to receive these email communications, other times they’ll be unexpected. These two types of email demand unique approaches. A high-quality email copywriter will understand that the aims and objectives of each differ significantly.

Not using email marketing yet?

If you aren’t already using newsletters or direct email to communicate with your existing customers, you’re missing a trick.
We can offer advice on how to integrate email into your marketing strategy.

Already have an email marketing strategy?

Stats don’t lie. So you know that however good your results, there’s always room to improve. High-quality content is the key to better open rates, more click-throughs, enhanced conversion and fewer unsubscribes. Let our expert email copywriters turn your emails into a powerful sales tool.

Email copywriting service key features

Email marketing expertise

Our writers have a wealth of experience writing engaging, high converting emails

Professional editors

We use an in-house editorial team to guarantee error-free email copy

Ready to upload

Content is fully formatted and ready to upload to your email service provider

Brand friendly

All email content is written to match your company tone of voice

Account management

Dedicated account management ensures a fast turnaround for every campaign

Clickable subject lines

We provide optimised supporting copy, including subject lines, headers and pre-headers

What our clients say

“Big Star are fantastic to work with. Always flexible and ready to help, they constantly work to our tight deadlines without a hitch and deliver great quality content for our daily deals website at a very competitive price. Would recommend them to anyone!”
Sally Hackman
Senior Copywriter, Mighty Deals
“Derryck and team was great to partner with for a large scale SEO copywriting project. He was always responsive to feedback, met deadlines and produced high volumes of great content that met the requirements of my company's brand and tone.”
Tiffany Tsui

Frequently asked questions

To put it simply, email copywriting is important because email remains the largest digital communication channel on the planet. There are approximately 4.25 billion daily email users, just shy of the total number of daily users for all the social media platforms combined (Statista). This gives email unparalleled reach.

Then there’s the fact that email offers companies the biggest ROI of any digital marketing channel. Research shows that every £1 spent on email marketing returns £36, resulting in a pretty remarkable ROI rate of 3,600%. Industry professionals also recognise this value – statistics show that four out of five marketers would rather stop using social media than lose email as a marketing tool.

When you strip it back and look at why email remains a popular marketing channel, it comes down to five key points:

  1. Reach – Everyone has an email. If you’re looking to reach someone via digital channels, email is your best chance of success.
  2. Direct access – Email inboxes are personal. They’re only accessed by those who own them (not an assistant or any other ‘gatekeeper’), and they’re checked regularly. This means email marketing offers direct access to potential customers.
  3. Scale meets click-throughs – Across all industries, the average click-through rate for email marketing is 11.3% (Knowledge Base). That’s pretty impressive. Factor in the scale of email marketing campaigns, and you’ve got a winner on your hands – a relatively high click-through rate on a channel that achieves considerable exposure.
  4. A brand builder – Brands stagnate if you don’t maintain them through regular interactions. Emails give you a way to build your brand that’s entirely proactive. You reach out to customers rather than waiting for them to come to you.
  5. It’s what your customers want – 91% of people want to receive promotional emails from companies they regularly use (MarketingSherpa). If you’re not taking advantage of that, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Working with Big Star is ridiculously easy. In fact, it couldn’t be any easier – we designed it that way. We’ll walk you through the process.

1. Get in touch – First things first, drop us a line. Pick up the phone or fill out our contact form and tell us what you need. We’re friendly, approachable and knowledgeable, so we’ll be able to offer a bit of help and advice whether you know precisely what you’re looking for or not.

2. A little more detail – Once we’ve got an overview of the project and what you’re aiming for, we’ll start working on the specifics. This means looking at your audience demographics, working out delivery timeframes and establishing the scale and scope of your email marketing campaign.

3. Pairing you with a writer – Depending on how big the project is, we’ll either pair you with a writer or choose several writers to work on your emails. We’re pretty proud of the talented team of writers we’ve got here at Big Star and are more than sure that we’ll be able to find the suitable writer(s) for you.

Once we’ve put together our team, we’ll try to keep the same writers attached to your businesses for the duration of our working relationship. It’s the best way of guaranteeing consistency and ensuring our writers acquire a more in-depth understanding of your company.

4. Briefing and first drafts – Next comes the all-important first draft. Our writers are always thoroughly briefed, so they know exactly what you’re looking for. They’re also accustomed to achieving quick turnarounds without compromising on quality. Once the first drafts have gone through our comprehensive proofing and editing process, they’ll be sent to you for approval.

5. Rewrites and edits – We’re pretty used to getting things right the first time of asking. But we also understand that the creative process is a two-way dialogue. If you’ve got anything you want to be adapted or changed in your emails, just let us know. If there’s a particular reason it’s there, we’ll tell you why we think it should stay but leave the final call up to you. If not, we’ll make the edits and have your copy back as quick as a flash.

Generally, we’re one of the quickest around. However, turnaround does depend on a few factors. If you have all the information our email copywriters need ready to go, we can work to almost any deadline without ever compromising the incredibly high standards we set for ourselves. The best way to work out how long your copy will take is to get in touch. Let us know roughly what you’re looking for, and we’ll give you our best timeframe estimation.

At Big Star, we have the expertise and experience required to craft business-winning copy that delivers serious value for your company. We’ve worked hard to build a talented and accomplished stable of writers who specialise in a wide range of fields, allowing us to meet the needs of organisations in the public and private sector, as well as a diverse array of industries.

We understand the ins and outs of copywriting better than anyone. We recognise that high-quality content is the key to better open rates, more click-throughs, enhanced conversion and fewer unsubscribes. We also know that Big Star can help boost your marketing campaign by providing that perfect turn of phrase, precise cold open or engaging newsletter that your company needs to keep the customers rolling in. Just give us one chance to prove it!

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