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In need of a case study copywriter?​

An effective case study copywriter goes beyond simple client testimonials and reviews, and shows powerful, real-life examples of precisely what your business did to help a client reach their goals. Told in the right way, a case study will allow potential customers to imagine exactly how you’d be able to help them, by seeing what you’ve achieved for others.

Case studies are also an opportunity for you to show behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business – how effective your project management systems are, how your team excels at problem-solving – that can be harder to communicate on a standard service web page.

You know case studies are important. But how do you make time to write them? And where do you start? That’s where we come in.

Here are three reasons to choose our case study writing service.

Qualified, experienced case study writers​

Our case study copywriters know how to weave statistics into an exciting tale that will leave your potential clients wanting more.

A fast and effective process​

Feedback, reviews and a sign-off process that takes as little of your time as possible. All case study content is sent ready-to-upload.

SEO-optimised as standard​

We'll optimise your case studies to target specific, strategic keywords. Meta data is also supplied if required.

Our case study copywriting service

Big Star Copywriting has been creating compelling stories for brands since 2002. Storytelling is what we do. Our experience writing case studies in particular means we know exactly how to craft them to get the best results, from setting up an efficient, pain-free workflow to gather the necessary information, to sharing your new case study on your social media channels. Here’s how we do it:

Choosing which case studies to write. Working with you, we’ll identify the case study opportunities that are likely to have the greatest impact. Whether you’ve achieved good results for a major brand, or outstanding results for a lesser known company – we’ll find the right balance between a great story and compelling results.

Information gathering. Our tried-and-tested case study workflow means we can gather the information needed with the minimum amount of disruption to your busy team.

Using traditional storytelling elements to ensure readers are hooked. Everyone loves a good story and, ultimately, this is what a compelling case study should be. Our professional UK case study copywriters know how to weave statistics into an exciting tale that will leave your potential clients wanting more (or at least wanting to contact you).

Formatting that’s human and search-engine friendly. As experienced SEO and web copywriters, we know all about writing for the impatient online audience. To keep them reading, we’ll supply your online case study in a format that’s easy to read at-a-glance and mobile-friendly. To help them find it online, our writers optimise for search as standard.

Feedback, reviews and a sign-off process that takes as little of your time as possible (but keeps you in the loop). Our systems mean that opportunities for review are interspersed throughout the project, so you’ll always know what’s going on without needing to be involved with every detail (unless, of course, you want to be).

Whether it’s a one-off, bulk case study copywriter you’re after, or someone who can provide a regular flow of compelling real-life stories for your business, we can help.

Why choose the Big Star case study writing service?

When it comes to case studies, we know what we’re talking about. We’ve got the experience and expertise to extract maximum value from your case studies and put this effective marketing tool to work for your business.

If that’s not enough, here are a few extra reasons why you should choose Big Star as your case study writer.

  • We’re flexible. We can tailor our service to meet your needs and budget.
  • We never compromise on quality. We understand what makes good copy, and we never sign off on anything we consider sub-standard.
  • We’re a complete SEO and marketing service. We’ve got a dedicated SEO team at our disposal that understands the importance of formatting and knows how to push you up the rankings.
  • We recognise that at the heart of every business, product and service, there’s a story waiting to be told. And we’re experts at finding that story, fleshing it out and giving it to the world.

Case study copywriting service features

Native expertise

All our copywriters have experience in a range of different industries and are native English speakers.

Professional editors

Our in-house editorial team guarantees that your case study copy is error-free

Ready to upload

Case study content arrives fully formatted, ready to upload to your website.

Brand friendly

Even with case studies, your brand storytelling is still important. We ensure all copy is on-brand

Account management

You’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager for every project


Where required, case studies will be optimised for your chosen keywords

What our clients say

“Big Star are fantastic to work with. Always flexible and ready to help, they constantly work to our tight deadlines without a hitch and deliver great quality content for our daily deals website at a very competitive price. Would recommend them to anyone!”
Sally Hackman
Senior Copywriter, Mighty Deals
“Derryck was fantastic from start to finish. He was professional and accommodating the moment he picked up my email and I instantly felt confident that he understood the brief on a fundamental level. He and the whole team at Big Star turned the large project around well before the deadline, to a high standard and for a great price. I would not hesitate to recommend or use again. Thank you guys!”
Luke Sutton
Marketing Manager - Arun Estates

Frequently asked questions

Case studies are the stories of your success. They’re insights into how you do what you do and why your clients appreciate your products and services. They’re your opportunity to show off just how well you’ve worked with clients in the past and the impact your business can have on those who work with you in the future.

Each case study focuses on your company’s relationship with a single client. As a result, they take a more in-depth approach than many of your other marketing materials. They’re designed for those potential clients who have been stopped in their tracks by your beautiful website, reeled in by your sweet-reading (Big Star-authored) copy and want more information before they commit.

Like all good narratives, case studies are typically based on a three-act structure. First, you set the scene by detailing your customer’s problems and the challenges they faced. Next, you describe how your business worked with the customer and the process by which you found a suitable solution. For the happy ending, you explain how that solution resolved the customer’s initial problem. It’s simple but effective.

Case studies are powerful tools in the right writer’s hands. Why? Let’s take a moment to break it down.


Case studies let another voice speak on behalf of your business.

Everything on your website is written from the perspective of your brand. There’s nothing on there that isn’t carefully considered. Readers understand this and look for ways to authenticate and verify what they’re reading. They want to know whether what you’re saying is true.


Case studies make it easier for prospective clients to trust what you’re saying because you’re letting another business speak for you. That company is willing to associate their brand with yours and publicly state that they use and appreciate your services. It’s why we always try to get a few pull-out quotes in every case study. We want to back up your claims with someone who’s trusted, respected and has no stake in your business.


Case studies ground your products in reality and connect them to actual outcomes.

It’s surprisingly easy for your products and services to become detached from the environment in which they’re used. You provide businesses with AI-powered customer software solutions? Sounds cool, but I have no idea how that will benefit my company in practice.


Case studies contain more product detail, expand on how clients use your products and services and link them to real outcomes. You get to say that, in this particular circumstance, your product generated this ROI, cut call volumes by x% or performed the work of so many FTEs. That’s powerful. That’s what wins clients.


Case studies are widely read by the most important type of customer

As copy experts, we understand that internet users don’t have the biggest attention spans. If the copy doesn’t immediately grab them, they quickly navigate away. This makes ensuring potential customers consume your marketing materials a challenge.


However, case studies are frequently read from start to finish. According to DocuSend research, they boast a completion rate of 83% – far above most other types of content. But the fact that people are more likely to read all of your case study isn’t the only thing that matters. Who reads your case study is also really important. Fortunately, there’s good news there, too. 71% of B2B buyers in the awareness stage of the sales cycle and 77% in the evaluation stage believe case studies are the content that has the most influence on their decision-making (Hawkeye).

With Big Star, hiring a case study writer couldn’t be easier. Actually, it’s so easy, we can break it down into five simple steps.

1. Get in touch – Your first move is to get the ball rolling by dropping us a line and discussing your needs. We understand that you may not know exactly what you want just yet, but we’re happy to guide and offer professional advice. We can even assist in identifying those case study opportunities that demonstrate the most potential.

2. Develop the plan – Once we’ve got a broad overview of what you need, we’ll dig down into the details and work out timeframes, whether an interview with your client is necessary and what kind of tone of voice you’re going for. That kind of thing.

3. Match you to a writer – We’ve got an exceptionally strong stable of writers here at Big Star, and all of them have their own specialities. We match you with the case study writer that will best represent your business, and we’ll try and ensure that writer sticks with you for all future projects. This gives them a chance to get to know your organisation and better understand what makes it tick.

4. Conduct interviews and write first drafts – Now it’s time for our writers to work their magic. If you have an interview or client information ready to go, they’ll start writing straight away. If you need us to conduct the interview, we’ll work out the best way to do so. When the first draft is finished, it’s passed through our comprehensive proofreading process and sent over to you.

5. Edits and revisions – Once you’ve had a good chance to look over the first draft, we’ll make any revisions and edits you require. This stage is typically the shortest, as our writers have plenty of experience getting it right the first time around.

At Big Star, we’re accustomed to working to tight deadlines. That means we get things done quickly, without ever rushing. When it comes to case studies, the timeline depends on various factors. These include whether or not you need to interview your client and how many case studies you would like to write. However, we’re always ready to go. So if you need a case study by a specific date, we can usually make it work.

If you’re looking for a few examples of the case studies we’ve written for clients in the past, check out the links below. Then, when you’re ready to get your first case study written, give us a call on 01803 865025 or fill in our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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