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Need a Devon copywriter?

Searching for a stand-out Devon copywriting service? Look no further. Based in beautiful, creative Totnes, we’re the go-to copywriting agency for Devon-based businesses. We have more than 15 years of experience meeting the content needs of companies in every industry imaginable, from sperm banks to morph suits, international airlines to global SaaS companies.

Whether you’re a small startup just beginning your journey, a growing organisation that’s hungry for world-class copy or a successful southwest multinational, we’re a Devon copywriter that’s up to the task.

We’re proud to call Devon home, but our international reach and experience across multiple sectors give us a significant advantage over other copywriting services in the area. We’ve worked with many global companies, including Lloyds, Hertz and Qatar Airways.

That said, as a business proudly based in the South Hams, we understand the unique challenges faced by companies in Devon and can write with expertise, confidence and clarity on a wide range of regional topics – as we have for companies as diverse English Riviera Company, Epwin Group and Torbay Development Agency.

Unbeatable content from talented copywriters

Our Devon copywriters are highly experienced and capable of crafting captivating content that’s so crisp, clean and full of energy that it virtually skips off the page. They’re also SEO trained and able to incorporate keywords into copy seamlessly. There are no stilted, awkward sentences here. Just easy-reading content that’s guaranteed to hit the mark.

What our clients say

“We were looking for a comprehensive alternative to our in-house content creation. We needed to outsource to an agency who could take care of the details and coordinate things while also maintaining our high standards for consistency and brand tone of voice, just as we do for all our in-house content”
Liz Wootton
Content Manager, One Fine Stay
“We've now worked with Big Star Copywriting for two seasons and each time the process has been great. Derryck and Kes were both really helpful and always kept in close contact with me. I've been so impressed with the level of service and quality of work, I would highly recommend.”
Kathryn Dickinson
Innovations & Deployments Specialist, Bradshaw Taylor

Big Star is all about the team

At Big Star, it’s not just about the writers. We might let them think that they’re the stars of the show, but we know that a first-class Devon copywriting agency is nothing without its SEO experts, editors and marketing specialists.

That’s why we’ve placed such a strong emphasis on building a diverse team that’s brimming with multi-disciplinary talent. We’re able to offer a holistic content service that includes everything you need to improve your reach, climb the search rankings and engage your audience.

An agile Devon copywriting service

Whether you need an urgent press release, a new website that better represents your growing brand or emergency support to rescue falling search rankings, we’re here to help you. Our content marketing, SEO and advertising services can boost

your traffic, improve conversions and ultimately make you more money.

If you need help quickly, we even offer a 24-hour service for those one-off content emergencies. Being responsive, reachable and communicative are at the heart of the Big Star brand. It’s just the way we roll.

Our Devon copywriting service includes the following features:

  • All content written by our experienced copywriters and optimised by SEO experts
  • The ability to meet tight deadlines with no drop in quality
  • Our team of in-house editors checks all work before it’s delivered
  • Fully formatted copy that’s ready for immediate publication
  • Accustomed to working across multiple channels and maintaining tone of voice
  • A dedicated account manager for every client
  • A no-argue approach to amends

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Get in touch to find out more about our Devon copywriting service and to discuss your project. Call us on 01803 865025 or fill in the form.


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