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Take the guesswork out of search marketing

We’ve been increasing traffic, improving search results and fostering meaningful engagement between our clients and target customers for over 20 years. Our Google Ads service takes this extensive experience and applies it to your search campaigns in a completely bespoke, proactive service that focuses on the metrics that matter to you.

As a certified Google Partner, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality traffic to your site and ensuring you’re seeing a true return on your investment. We achieve this by taking the time to understand your business and your competitors and – although consistently applying industry best-practice – never taking a one-size fits all approach, because no business or brand is the same.

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An experienced search team

From keyword research to tracking setup, account management and growth strategy, we can help you with all areas of Google Ads marketing.

Improve cost per acquisition

Not only do we drive more conversions. We increase cost efficiency for your campaign, generating more leads or sales for the same cost or less.

Dedicated account manager

All clients benefit from a dedicated account manager. You have a single point of contact for all projects.

Powerful Google Ads management that delivers

In paid traffic, every irrelevant click is a wasted spend. Our service, quite simply, focuses on driving highly-targeted leads to your website and increasing conversions. Quality keyword lists, daily search term reviews and close attention to geographic, demographic and behavioural factors mean your ads only get served to your ideal customer.

We work with businesses of all sizes and are skilled in making budgets stretch when they need to. By constantly improving your Ad Quality, we’ll make sure your CPC (cost-per-click) stays at a level you’re comfortable with and is meaningful to your business goals. We’re as obsessed with your ROI as you are.

Google Ads consultant - Shows a person doing a Google search

You’ll get jargon–free information on the metrics that matter in the form of brief weekly summaries and monthly, more detailed updates. And, for any questions in the meantime, you’ll have a dedicated account manager on hand. Unlike some Google Ads management services, we build your campaigns in your own account, giving you full administrative access, transparency, and control.

If you have existing Adwords campaigns, we’ll start with a comprehensive audit – using historical data to understand what’s worked for you and learn from what hasn’t. We’ll assess areas of wasted spend and identify issues with your account structure, quality scores and landing pages where performance can be improved within your budget.

We’ll then create a strategy to turn your Adwords account into a reliable, effective conversion machine: just what it should be.

What our clients say

“We very quickly saw a massive increase in impressions (84%) coupled with a 41% increase in clicks. Best of all we’ve experienced a huge saving in cost per conversion, which dropped 53%.”
Tony White
Bonners Music
“Big Star Copywriting have been helping us with our content strategy and online marketing since 2011. During that time our search results and traffic have improved significantly.”
Marc Loud
Director, Park Insurance

Results-driven Google Ads management (case study)

A well-established musical instrument store requested help with their existing Search and Google Shopping campaigns. They were managing the campaigns in-house and spending thousands each month, but the cost-per-acquisition was high and the account was becoming too large to handle without specialist assistance.

We carried out a root and branch review of the campaigns, quickly identifying issues with too many “broad match” search terms that were costing the business thousands in irrelevant clicks. A complete campaign restructure followed, including the introduction of new, more targeted keyword lists and stringent negative keyword application.

Here’s what we achieved for them

> A 220% increase in conversions (sales), amounting to £868,000 in additional revenue YoY

> A 70% drop in cost-per-conversion

> A 24% improvement in average position for Search Ads

Cost per conversion over time

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