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    We are Big Star Copywriting, an award-winning copywriting agency that provides copywriting to London clients, as well as to businesses throughout the UK. While we are based in Devon, we work with a network of copywriters, many of whom are London copywriters.

    We keep in constant contact by phone, email, Skype and sometimes face-to-face. Whilst we aren't based in the city, in today’s networked world, it makes little difference to our clients. We frequently visit London for meetings and the remote working nature of copywriting enables us to do our job wherever we may be.

    Our London copywriting clients tell us they like working with us not only because we have a good relationship with them, but because our content writing works.

    “Used Big Star for new product descriptions. The quality of the writing was extremely high, sticking perfectly to our brief. Would highly recommend if requiring quality content to be produced.”

    Michael Woodhall - Head Of Content - The Hut Group

    When you’re looking for a London copywriting agency, the capital shouldn’t be your only port of call. There are several myths about London copywriters that could be stopping you from getting better results at better rates.

    Myth: The only good copywriters are in London

    Truth: Regional borders are a thing of the past. The web has a global audience and a global choice of copywriters. There are copywriting services based in and around London but the Capital doesn’t have exclusivity on experienced SEO copywriters. Some of the best UK copywriters live miles from the M4 corridor or the nearest London Underground station. What London does have exclusivity on is high hourly rates.

    Myth: outsourcing your copywriting to the ‘regions’ means getting lower quality

    Being a copywriter in London is no longer a guarantee of quality copywriting. Many London-based agencies now recognise this themselves and outsource much of their copywriting to freelance copywriters based around the country. Location is no longer an indicator of quality, expertise or fast turnaround times. In fact, at Big Star Copywriting, our ability to pick and choose from copywriters all over the UK means we can find the best talent at the best prices for our clients.

    Myth: Working with a copywriter outside the M25 will be a hassle

    Broaden your horizons. Don’t just type in ‘Copywriter London’ into Google if you want quality content that will bring in the visitors to your website. Think outside the M25 ‘box’ and take a look at one of the most highly respected and successful copywriting agencies in the country – us. Big Star Copywriting is based in Britain’s funkiest town, Totnes in Devon with a team of copywriters located across the UK, from Cornwall to Aberdeenshire. And yes, we do have a couple of London copywriters on our books too.

    From our base in Devon we work directly with clients, SEO copywriters, web copywriters and agencies to bring award-winning SEO copywriting, web content and a wide range of digital media expertise to hundreds of businesses across the UK and worldwide every year. Our processes work so we can deliver even when facing large volume or tight deadlines.

    Myth: If I work with a copywriter outside London I won’t be able to meet them face to face

    We visit London regularly for client meetings, haunting the Hilton in Paddington, various noodle bars, Regus office buildings or purveyors of fine coffee (Monmouth or Fernandez & Wells, please) throughout the capital.

    Myth: copywriters in the regions won’t understand London businesses

    Our core team comprises two highly experienced, professional writers, both of whom did their apprenticeships in London and have a combined experience of over 40 years in creative and commercial writing between them. So we know what you want from a high-powered and award-winning copywriting service, regardless of location. We’ve also worked with dozens of London businesses, working with them face to face, over the phone, via email and Skype.

    Myth: regional copywriters don’t have an international perspective

    We work as SEO copywriters and web content creators for organisations not just all over the UK but all over the world. We don’t believe in ‘regionalism’ when it comes to producing great content. Give us a brief and we’ll produce killer copy for you just as quickly and professionally as any London copywriter can.

    “We have been using Big Star Copywriting since early 2019 and can always rely on them to hit their deadlines. Sometimes we need extremely quick turnaround and they are always happy to oblige. They are extremely flexible and adaptable and willing to listen to our needs and requirements as a business. If you are looking for copywriters that have significant knowledge of best practice for SEO, I would highly recommend Big Star.”

    David Harvey - Web Operations Manager - New Era Cap Company

    But how do I get in touch with you if you’re not in London?

    Easy – just as you would with a writer at a London-based copywriting agency, all you have to do is pick up the phone or email us and we’re here, ready to work with you. We’re as accessible as any London copywriter is and, if necessary, we’ll come to you if you need to discuss any aspect of your web content in person. We’re even willing to work weekends so that your copy is ready and waiting in your inbox first thing on a Monday morning.

    Forget regionalism. Forget the myth that the best copywriters in London are better than other professional content creation specialists who happen to live and work outside the London area. Forget over-inflated ‘London’ prices and clichéd copywriting techniques.

    Get in touch to discuss your copywriting project. Call us on 01803 865025 or fill in the form

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