When you want to use guest blogging as part of your online marketing mix, you need to ensure you have built up a healthy presence. Yes, there are dos and don’ts to the tactic, but I’m talking about actually showing the world your online persona – who you are (or what you want the world to see) – and what you stand for.


Because when the time comes to contact blogs and website owners about putting your guest posts on their properties, you need to offer up some of your existing content for them to take a look at. This will give them confidence that you are a real business and that you are in it for the good of your industry, not simply for a backlink to your site. (You’re not just fishing for a link from the guest blog post, right?)


Even if you already have a website and a blog, you’re going to want to tighten up your persona and make doubly sure you’re putting your content and your name in all the right places.

Guest Blogging Social Profiles

The first thing you need to do is establish yourself as a content author. That means setting up – and using – profiles on the best-fit social networks for your industry. The list of usual suspect probably applies here, but make your choices based on what you know your competitors are doing, and (perhaps more importantly) where your customers are interested in connecting with you.

This will mean a bit of research on your part, but consider this as a starting point:

Start sharing content and building your networks, and begin creating and sharing your own content too.

Write & Publish (& Share!) Stunning Content For Your Industry

Make sure your first (or recent) content is top-notch. Share your insights, give evidence, share statistics or original research. Be informative.

The more interesting and useful, the more shareable your content becomes, so make sure you are marketing your content through your social profiles and responding to the comments and feedback you get. Thank people who share your content and do them the same courtesy in return.

Blog owners like to see that you have a reputation and that you can create useful and interesting (i.e. engaging) content because this is exactly what they want for their own sites.

How long should your posts be? Well, that will depend on the topic and on what sort of sites you want your guest posts to get onto. If, for instance, you want to get an opportunity to be a guest blogger on a site that requires 1000-word blog posts, then you should be aiming to get some of your own content up to that length to show off your skills when it comes time to connect with the site owner.

Convince your guest blog opportunities before you contact them with fantastic content and you will be one step closer to getting your posts out there.

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