Your blog is an excellent place to engage your customers and get them more involved in your fashion brand. It can help to build an ongoing relationship with them, and you may even learn more about what they want and what they think of your company. But to do that, you need your fashion copywriter to create killer posts on a regular basis which are interesting, useful and entertaining.

To keep your blog fresh, it’s a good idea to alternate the types of posts created by your fashion copywriter. Here are a few ideas.

Tips for xxx – Tips-based articles are always a hit and great sharing fodder, because they’re generally practical, useful and succinct. You might base your fashion tips around a particular season, or special occasions (eg. ‘Hot tips for looking fabulous at that wedding’ or ‘Tips for knocking them dead at the party’) or even to suit particular looks or personalities.

Celebrity fashion news – People love to know what their favourite (and least favourite) celebrities are wearing. Have your fashion copywriter keep an eye on the glossy magazines and ready to comment in their own inimitable style.

Themed posts – Blog posts which focus on particular items of clothing are always popular, and can be useful for bringing in targeted traffic to your website.

Special offers and product launches – Be sure to keep your followers informed about any special offers or discounts you have coming up, and let them know when your new range is available to buy.

Get the look – One of the main reasons people visit fashion blogs is to get help emulating certain styles and looks, and this type of post is great for providing value to your visitors.

Fashion solutions – Posts which solve common fashion problems are perfect for sharing, and can help create more exposure for your blog.

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