Whether you’re selling shoes, dresses, t-shirts or a full range of clothes and fashion accessories online, the quality of your website will have a significant impact on your overall success. Creating the content yourself is always an option, but unless you have the time and the necessary skills it could be a big mistake. Here are five reasons why you need to get a professional fashion copywriter on board with your e-commerce project.

To build a consistent brand image

Chances are good that there are at least a hundred other websites that can offer your customers similar products to yours. That’s why you need to distinguish yourself from the crowd by building a solid and recognisable brand image. A fashion copywriter can work with you to determine what your unique selling points (USPs) are and then work these into your copy. They can also craft a voice that is distinctly you.

To sell your products

Some websites simply use the supplied manufacturer descriptions to sell their products – don’t be one of them. Creating your own unique product descriptions will enable you to build a memorable user experience, and can help to really sell the products. It’s also worth bearing in mind that duplicate content may not be indexed by the search engines.

To spread the word

As well as crafting your onsite content, a fashion copywriter can create content for you that will be placed elsewhere. They can create social media content and guest blogs which will help you build a reputation and a customer-base.

To bring in extra traffic to your website

Search engine optimisation is essential for any website, and by working your keywords and phrases seamlessly into your copy, your copywriter can enhance your rankings in the search engines.

To put your best face on everything you do

Web users are fickle and hyper-sensitive to any company that appears less than professional. Sometimes all it takes is a few spelling or grammatical errors to make them reach for the back button. A fashion copywriter can ensure your website content is error-free.

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