In the past couple of years, content marketing has moved on from being the next big thing in digital marketing to being something that no business or online copywriter can afford to ignore. The question is no longer, “should we be engaged in content marketing,” it’s, “how can we keep up with the competition and make our content marketing more effective?” Keeping an eye on current content marketing trends then is of prime importance for businesses and copywriting agencies alike.

Here we take a look at some of the trends which are currently emerging and seem set to gain ground in the content marketing landscape in 2014.

Greater optimisation for mobile users

According to a recent infographic by Super Monitoring and (, by the end of this year the number of mobile devices on the planet will exceed the number of people. Furthermore half of all mobile users use these devices as their main point of contact with the internet. There are plenty more statistics out there, but these two should be enough to convince anyone of the importance of targeting people on their mobile devices.

Optimisation for mobile should include not just paying attention to web design strategies (such as responsive design), but optimisation of textual content for mobile users. This may mean a greater focus on producing shorter, easily digestible bites of content that can be easily viewed and shared via a smartphone while on the go.

An overall increase in quality and value

With the growth of content marketing there has been an explosion of content across the web. Inevitably, in the rush to get content up there and jump on the bandwagon, many companies have neglected the quality of this content. Look out for Google filtering out the weak chaff even more in 2014, and favouring content which is useful, well-researched and well-written.

In a survival of the fittest style online battle, poor arbitrary content is likely to lose out and diminish, while useful high-quality content will become dominant and ever more populous on the web.

A drive towards originality

As higher volumes of quality content are produced, companies and online copywriters are going to have to do more than simply generate quality that is ‘good’. We could well witness a golden age of creativity and innovation in content marketing, as marketers scrabble to create content which stands out from that of their rivals.

Renewed interest in micro-marketing

Micro-marketing through Tweets and other methods may not be capable of delivering much information, but it can still pack quite a punch. In an age of short attention spans, it’s a good way to get your brand noticed and encourage interaction from consumers.

More accurate targeting of content

Finally, marketers are quickly realising the value of researching the online channels they publish on and repurposing content to better target their core demographic. The focus is shifting from getting your content out there to getting in front of the right people.

For more ideas and information on content marketing, why not take a look at our dedicated content marketing page?


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