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Free SEO Content Marketing Audit

Our expert analysis will tell you exactly how to supercharge your SEO and content marketing and what you need to change right now. No strings, just useful insight.

Our SEO and Content audit will help you will all of the following:

  • Understand how your competitors are outranking you in the SERPs (and what you need to do to catch them up)
  • Get key insights into the SEO factors that may be holding you back, including site speed, internal linking and backlinks
  • Take actions that will have a real impact on your SEO, based on informed and expert recommendations

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What's included in your free SEO content marketing audit?

Domain authority review

Domain authority is a complex quality metric based on multiple SEO factors but external links (backlinks) in particular. It can be a useful way of understanding why your competitors may be outperforming you, and a good benchmark against which to measure the success of your future SEO efforts. We use Moz’s domain authority score, which is scored out of 100.

Referring domains & Backlinks review

A referring domain is another website linking to yours. ‘Backlinks’ are the links themselves and are a crucial contributor to good search engine position and domain authority. Getting links from quality domains remains
one of the best things you can do for your ranking.

Number of in-page links

In-page links (or internal links) are links on a webpage to another page or resource within the same website or domain. They help Google understand the structure and hierarchy of a site, help users to navigate a website and also give you a way of directing them around. They are a vital aspect of SEO but should be handled with care: too few and some of your ‘deeper’ content may have low SEO value; too many and Google will take it as a reflection of a badly organised site.

Spam score review

When considering what makes a quality domain, Google takes multiple ‘trust indicators’ into account. These can include ‘exact match’ domains, where the keyword is present in the domain name, quality sites linking to your domain and the presence of an SSL
certificate (indicated by the https prefix on domains). Social references, for example links to your site from Facebook or Twitter, and engagement (likes, comments and shares of blog articles) also help to show that your site is a useful and trustworthy resource. We use the Moz Spam Score, which grades sites using 17 unique ‘spam flag’ factors.

Page load time analysis

Page speed was introduced by Google as a ranking factor in 2010 and is now one of the key elements to consider when running a business website – SEO aside, a slow loading site will frustrate your visitors and have them clicking the ‘back’ button before they’ve even seen what you offer.

Content optimisation checklist

Whether your website has just launched or it has existed since the Internet started, we recommend an SEO audit and content review at least twice a year. It ensures that you’re in a strong position against your competitors, identifies any website technical issues and uncovers opportunities that you would have otherwise not thought of.

Use our free SEO audit for an overview of your website’s key metrics and then build a content strategy.

Follow our SEO checklist to ensure your site is performing to its full potential.

  • Add custom, optimised meta titles to all pages
  • Add custom, optimised meta descriptions to all pages
  • Optimise page body content for high value keywords
  • Add keyword-optimised H1, H2, H3 and H4 titles to pages
  • Use short and descriptive URL’s
  • Optimise image ‘alt’ tags with your target keyword/s
  • Add internal links between your pages
  • Complete a broken link check
  • Ensure your website is mobile friendly
  • Optimise your site for a faster page load speed