If your content marketing strategy isn’t going exactly to plan, you may be looking at ways to improve your content’s performance. Here, we take a look at what steps you can take to ensure that your strategy has the desired impact.

Make sure you’re measuring the right things

An effective content marketing strategy will make intelligent use of analytics to inform what content should be produced, where it should be distributed, and what impact it is having. However, in order to do this, the right metrics need to be used. Traffic, duration on-site, and navigation metrics are all useful weapons in the modern marketer’s armoury.

These metrics are also a practical way to determine what’s going wrong with your content marketing. They can tell you whether a particular piece of content is causing users to navigate away from your site, how long the average user spends reading it, and what actions they take after engaging with it. This allows you to identify the problem and begin making the necessary changes. If you’re having trouble isolating these issues, a content marketing agency will be able to guide you through the data analysis.

Goals and guidelines are key

Every piece of content you put out there in the world is a reflection of your brand and will influence what users think of your business. Likewise, every piece of content you publish is an opportunity to achieve something. If your content marketing isn’t working, it may be because you’re not focusing on these two key points.

In order to ensure that your content reflects well on your brand and communicates the right brand image, you need brand guidelines. These provide details as to the tone of voice you should use, how the content should look, and what qualities it should embody.

On the other hand, setting goals for your content lets you know whether it’s having the desired impact or not. Goals need to be based on concrete figures and shouldn’t be vague. For instance, “increase traffic” is neither as concrete nor useful as “receive 5,000 shares on Facebook.”

Pace your content distribution

Content marketing requires a long-term strategy that takes into consideration the pace at which you distribute material. An effective strategy will see you engage users on a repeat basis, so you know that they’ll view the vast majority of content you publish.

This allows you to pace your content so as to maximise user interest and satisfaction. It’s necessary because customers do not appreciate blatant self-publicising in original content and overwhelmingly prefer content that is not explicitly promotional.

To avoid this, businesses can grow an audience and develop the brand’s relationship with that audience using customer-focused and informative content. The publication schedule should build to the distribution of “knockout” content that aims to deliver on your goals. Whether it’s making sales or increasing subscribers, this piece of content is the one that should seal the deal. Rather than aiming for the knockout blow every time, find your rhythm and build up to it.

Give users something to share

Once you’ve put your content out there, you want to encourage its organic distribution. This means ensuring it’s shared on social media. While whole, text-based articles are often shared on social networking platforms, content marketers are likely to experience much greater success if they give users something more visually appealing to share. Infographics, graphic quotes, and images are likely to have a much bigger impact on users and are well suited to the way in which most people utilise social networks.

What next?

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