In the mad world of content curation, marketing and copywriting, it’s a good day when you get ideas for your next piece of content for little.

Let today, then, be a good day for you because where you get some content from might just get a little easier. I’m talking about content curation.

Content curation defined

What content curation isn’t may be just as important as what it is.

Firstly, it isn’t getting your web copywriter to  ‘retweet’ or link to another piece of content. No. That is just linking, which is fine. But what’s better is curation – that is the commentary and context that only you can provide around said piece of content.

It is this effort you put in that pays dividends: pulling together content that is interesting and relevant and then explaining to your reader why you find it interesting and relevant.

What is quality curated content?

Well, in addition to posting your own high quality original content, you simply keep your nose out there in your industry, finding good content to read.

You could simply write  a few words about why you like a particular post.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Create a round-up post: this is where you post a piece of content that summarises interesting things you found, read, or learned recently. Some blogs do this rather well and post their weekly round-up of things they find. Make sure you get your web copywriter to keep to topical recent content, with the goal of doing the ‘heavy lifting’ for your audience by finding the really good stuff. Doing this will offer your readers something worthwhile.
  • The list: you have your shopping list, but the content you create should be a list of great information that you have gathered or use regularly. Be useful in what you list by creating lists that will benefit your audience.
  • Top 10: a variation on the list theme. Find, rate and share your top 10 ‘whatevers’ with your readers. This could be your top tools, top shops, top holiday destinations – whatever! Remember to keep it useful; what would your customers ask you? Write that.

Be helpful.

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying it until we’re taken offline. Creating good content – whether original or curated – isn’t just about getting your copywriter to come up with keyword happy content. It’s actually about providing something of value to your audience.

When it comes to curating, this means ensuring that you are curating content that will be extremely useful, even helpful to your reader. Have this mentality: you’ve found something that you think will give them huge benefit and you’re sharing with them to help them do better at X, Y and Z.

That’s content curation in a nutshell and it should help stave off the regular copywriting blues.

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