Of all the things I think that I’m brilliant at, DIY is not one of them.


I said it.

Now that’s over with, I can explain how I was recently made so confident that I took apart my tumble dryer and replaced a broken tumble shaft.

It was great web content

I went to eSpares (no, they aren’t a client…yet) website because it turned up in a search for the problem I was having.

You see that bit in bold there?

They created content for their site that matched a common problem. It described what my tumble dryer was doing and it gave me several pieces of inspiring content, one of which turned me from barely able to hold a hammer the right way round to DIY dryer fixit machine!

That first article I landed on was created to take in search traffic (like me) and push it onto other content.

They were able to do that because it was well written, it was relevant to my needs at that moment (it described exactly what was wrong and gave me options) and it pointed me to further information.

This consisted of a video showing me how to take apart a dryer and replace the bit that was obviously broken on my machine. I watched it a couple of times, I read the transcript that was on the page as well, just to be sure I hadn’t missed anything.

Brilliant content strategy.

Experience before sales

You see, one of the secrets of e-Spares is this: It did all this ‘giving away’ of information WITHOUT trying to sell me a thing! They simply gave me the knowledge I needed to feel confident that I could do the replacement myself and only then did I consider ordering.

This experience gave me the confidence I needed in myself to do the job and it also gave me confidence that eSpares was a reputable business with my best interests at heart.

Even the ordering experience was useful and relevant. I was able to easily find the spare part I needed for my model through an intuitive and surprisingly simply process. Again, this content was expertly devised to help me.

Helpful and reassuring

Are you aware of a piece of content on your website that is designed to reassure your audience?

If not, you are missing a huge opportunity in your content strategy. You see, by giving your reader the confidence to take control of whatever problem they are facing and by giving them a potential solution, you are bringing them closer to your brand. The more they feel confident, the more trust you create and this trust is what turns a prospective sale into an actual sale.

The experience I had with eSpares reminded me of just how important it is to create helpful content that reassures the reader that they will get what they need from your business. It must be totally relevant to their needs, crafted with precise support and advice that arms the prospect with confidence.

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