Every company today needs to be a publisher.

Websites, blogs, microsites, emails, articles, press releases, social media, print, mobile, apps.

Today’s marketing landscape is…complicated.

Content marketing (the umbrella term for all this content you’re generating) isn’t easy. But there is a way to make it flow better.

Adapting in place

The easiest way to adapt (and survive) in this new world of marketing publishing is to think about HOW to use your content across the channels, rather than producing something for each channel separately.

Let’s just state that again so it sinks in.

Use your content across the channels.

This will make your life so much easier, and (believe it or not) it will make your prospects’ and customers’ live so much easier too.

Sane content marketing

Consistency is key here. You want to aim for spreading the same message across all your channels and adapting what you publish to fit the medium.

How could this work?

Well, if you update your website with an article on a key topic in your industry, you could then blog about the article – what you learned writing it, how your researched it, or focus on one interesting aspect of the topic. Now you have 2 pieces of content on your site on the same topic.

Next send out an email to your subscribers (customers/prospects) and talk about the article. Link to it for them to read and include the blog post too as a second piece of content.

That’s 3 pieces of content.

Now get onto your social networks and get the message out about the new content. It’s best not to slam your audience with 2 updates to your stuff back-to-back, so pace yourself.

(5 pieces of content)

Can you share any of the sources you used for your article or blog post? Share these with your audience too. They’ll love it.

(6, 7 pieces of content)

That’s a lot of content; all from the initial article.

Now rinse and repeat regularly.

Here’s 3 more things you should consider with content marketing.

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