Your products are the lifeblood of your business, so it makes sense to spend a little time crafting excellent, engaging copy that will sell them effectively. When a new line of shoes or dresses comes in, don’t just stick the manufacturer’s standard copy up on your website – use these fashion copywriter tips to create your own unique product descriptions that sell.

Use sensory images

One of the problems of shopping for clothes and other fashion items online is the inability to see and touch it. You will of course have an attractive picture of the product, but to really bring it to life for the shopper you need to describe the way it feels to wear and touch, perhaps even the way it catches the light.

Keep it snappy and concise

Make your copy crisp and succinct, and try to say what you want in as short an amount of space as possible.

Know your target audience

A good fashion copywriter will adapt their language choices depending on who they’re writing for. If you’re selling to teenage girls for example, the language will be different than if you’re selling maternity clothes to expectant mums.

Discuss benefits

Don’t just tell your users about the features of the product, tell them how these features will benefit them. If it’s made of a specific material, explain what the benefits of that material are, such as being easy to wash or particularly hard-wearing. It may be a good idea to list some of these key benefits as bullet points.

Include keywords

To maximise your visibility within the search engines you need to use your SEO keywords within the copy. It’s important not to overdo this though, and a proficient fashion copywriter will work the keywords in without compromising readability.

Avoid jargon

Only include fashion industry jargon if it can then be linked into benefits, as discussed above.

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