Without personality, your website is just another soulless shop window amongst a near infinite amount of others vying for the attention of the fickle inhabitants of the internet. Whatever type of clothes you sell, you can make your brand stand out by giving it a personality that fits, and a fashion copywriter can help you do this. Here are some helpful tips for creating a persona for your brand.

Know your target demographic

Are you selling clubbing gear for twenty-somethings, business wear for the discerning professional, or cardigans and slippers for dads? Whoever your target demographic is, you should keep them firmly in mind when crafting your online persona, with or without the help of your fashion copywriter. It’s important to know who you’re communicating with, as this will drive key choices in your content, such as tone of voice.

Find something that makes you unique

Finding a personality is all about emphasising what makes you stand out from the rest, what it is that makes your brand different. Work closely with your fashion copywriter to integrate your unique selling propositions into the copy on your website.

Be quirky

Web users are not turned on by content which is generic and flat. Don’t be afraid to inject some quirks and colourful character traits into your copy. Get your fashion copywriter to produce energetic, bouncy copy – it can work very well with certain audiences to create a connection and generate interest.

Decide the way you want to be perceived

The way your brand is perceived will be determined to some extent by your actions (delivery times, customer service levels etc) but the way you portray yourself in your copy also has an important part to play. Do you want to be seen as a brand that is at the cutting edge of fashion? One which always puts its customers first? A brand that can offer the best deals every time? Make sure you discuss with your fashion copywriter the way you want your company to be perceived.

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