Having lots of people visiting your fashion retail website is clearly a step in the right direction, but unless they actually follow through and take action it’s wasted potential. Your content should entice and persuade visitors to explore your website and products, but it should also drive conversions and tell them how to take the next step. This is the role of the call to action, or CTA, and is an essential part of being a fashion copywriter.

Your CTA should be placed at the end of each piece of content, and, as the name suggests, should drive visitors to take a specific action. There are a few techniques which a fashion copywriter uses to increase the effectiveness of the CTA, and thus generate more conversions.

Be specific

Let the reader be in no doubt about what to do next – tell them exactly what to do and how to do it. For example, tell them to ‘click here to sign up for our newsletter’, or ‘download our product catalogue to see the full range.’ Be as specific as possible and really nail home what the next step is.

Keep it simple

The mark of a good fashion copywriter is one who communicates clearly and simply. Describe simple actions that can be taken to achieve the desired result, and avoid convoluted explanations.

Use compelling, appropriate verbs

Verbs are action words and so are at the heart of a call to action. Simple verbs like ‘click’, ‘download’, ‘browse’ and ‘buy’ can be effective, as can ‘snap up’, ‘join’ and ‘find’. It can be particularly effective to make these verbs the anchor text for internal links to the relevant page or order form.

Bring in benefits

Why should people buy your products or sign up for special offer emails? Tell them what’s in it for them. For example, ‘Download our fashion catalogue for great prices and the latest designs.’

Include a time element

You don’t want your customers to go away and think about it, you want them to take action now. A good fashion copywriter tells the customers to ‘enquire today’, or ‘buy now while stocks last’.

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