You don’t have to be a fashion copywriter to know that distributing press releases online can be a powerful way of getting the word out about your new range or special offer, and of increasing your website’s visibility. But not all press releases are created equal, so here are a few tips from a fashion copywriter on how to maximise results from yours.

Top Fashion Copywriter Tips:

Get the headline right

First thing’s first – you should spend some time getting your headline just right. A well crafted headline can mean the difference between your press release getting read or not . When writing your headline, stick to the Ronsil principle and make sure it does exactly what it says on the tin. Apart from this, it should be succinct and to the point.

Use Quotes

Quotes lend credibility, and are often used by editors to highlight the content of your press release. This might be from you or another relevant member of your organisation. A fashion copywriter can create a well-placed comment that can be attributed to you.

Ensure copy is error-free

Nothing says unprofessional like copy with typos and grammatical errors in it. Check your copy and then check it again before releasing it.

Use the pyramid principle

Busy editors and other readers won’t necessarily read the entire press release. That’s why it’s important to put the most important information first, then the next important piece of information, and so on.

Find a fresh angle

If you don’t have specific news about your firm you might take a piece of general fashion news and put your own interpretation to it. Statistics are particularly useful for this purpose and can be adapted to suit. For example, a fashion copywriter might use national sales statistics for sandals to support a particular fashion viewpoint.

Use keywords

Search engine optimisation isn’t just for your website. Your press releases should also contain relevant keywords which will help to improve their online visibility.

Include a killer call to action

Once you’ve told them about your news, you want the reader to take action. Your call to action should be specific, clear and attractive.

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