What makes good e-commerce content great?

There’s no denying that e-commerce is big business. In fact, over Christmas and Boxing Day 2014 alone Experian and IMRG forecast that £1.3bn would be spent online by UK shoppers. But it’s also worth remembering that there are literally hundreds of thousands of e-commerce sites out there vying for people’s custom. Chances are, quite a few of these are selling the exact same things as you are.

When people are looking at your site and those of your direct competitors, what then is the distinguishing factor that enables them to choose where to spend their pounds? The simple answer is, content.

What is ‘great’ content?

To get on in e-commerce you need to have good content that puts your products and your company in a positive light. But to truly succeed online, you need to have content that is not just good, but great. Let’s define great content. It’s:


  •  Content which keeps people on your site for longer
  • Content which is instantly identifiable as being yours
  • Most importantly, its content which leads to large volumes of sales

Sounds good, right? So what can you do to make your content great?

Get rid of the bad first

Before you can make your content exceptional, you must first eliminate any that is poor. This would be:

  • Duplicate content (eg. manufacturers descriptions and content which is ‘ripped’ from another website, even if it’s your own)
  • Sloppy error-laden content
  • Dull, uninspired content

In addition to this, if you have any unsubstantial or ‘thin’ content, you should make plans to either extend or replace it. This would be any content of just 1-2 sentences. Google and the other major search engines dislike thin content because they feel that it provides little value to their users. You should also dislike it immensely as it provides little value to your customers, and is unlikely to tell them what they need/want to know.

The four pillars of great e-commerce content

Once you’ve removed any content that is hurting you, it’s time to turn your attention to what remains. With this, you can either redraft and reshape it to make it great, or you can start afresh and enlist a copywriting agency to create compelling e-commerce content for you. Either way, you should consider these four essential pillars of high quality e-commerce content:

I: Empathy – Your content should not be written in a void, it should be written with the specific needs and preferences of your customers in mind. What common problems do they face, and how will your products solve them?

II: Completeness – Have you included all of the information that a customer needs to make a decision? If not, they may well go elsewhere for it, and in the process forget all about purchasing the product from your site. If you were buying the product, what would you want to know? Make sure that your copywriter has access to all essential info, such as sizes and colours available, technical specifications etc.

III: Compactness – Including all necessary information doesn’t mean churning out pages of copy. As all professional copywriters know, the most effective content is that which contains the most information within the smallest possible space. Tell them what they need to know, then tell them how to buy it.

IV: Branding – As we said earlier, your content needs to be identifiable as yours. By stamping your brand across your copy you can engage the customer far more deeply, and encourage them to a) remember your site, and b) come back to buy further products at a later date. Get in touch with us if you need any help figuring out your brand story.

Now you know the recipe for great content, it’s just a matter of applying it across your site. If you need any help with content creation, get in touch with Big Star Copywriting, or take a look at our product description writing page.





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