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We’re the go-to product description writer for some of the biggest names in ecommerce. They chose us because we offer fast, accurate, optimised descriptions at an affordable price. They stay with us because we can deliver consistently and at scale. And, because we’re a genuinely nice bunch of people, we make the project as frictionless and enjoyable as possible.​

Improve product visibility​

SEO is at the forefront of our product description writing service, helping you rank higher for product keywords.

Increase conversion rate​

Give your customers the product information they need and persuade them to 'add to basket' or enquire.

Showcase your products​

Shout about your product catalogue, create a brand story and build a loyal customer base for your E-commerce store.

High-volume product description copywriting

Our large team of writers can deliver your content, fully optimised for search, in as little as 7 days. Your products will be assigned to sector-experienced product description writers with a single point of contact to manage the project, available any time you need to update your project or give us feedback.

Top quality in-house editing means we rarely need to make amendments (and if we do, it’s free). Everything will be provided upload-ready in a format of your choosing, complete with Meta Descriptions and SEO Page Titles.

More than just a list of features

It’s not easy running an ecommerce website. To stand a chance against online giants like Amazon, your description needs to consist of more than a few SEO keywords and a bullet-pointed list of features.

Your customers need to understand the benefits of buying from you, get a sense of your brand’s personality and feel confident in their choice of product.  In fact, good product description writing is about delivering the kind of customer experience your visitors would expect from a bricks and mortar shop. You also need to send the right signals to search engines to help shoppers find you in the SERPs. All in a couple of hundred words.

We’re a product description copywriter that knows how to write engaging descriptions that give customers and search engines the information they need in a scannable, mobile-friendly format. Because we’re experts in brand story, your descriptions will blend seamlessly in with the rest of your content – as if you had written them yourself.

Your partner for ecommerce content

Big Star is not another pile-it-high, sell-it-cheap content supplier. We understand the importance of brand tone of voice, consistency and quality when it comes to written communication: it’s what’s kept our agency thriving since 2005, and it’s what will keep your customers coming back to you.

If you decide to partner with us, you’ll get a dedicated project manager and a named core content team.

We’ll adapt to your preferred working patterns (rather than making you fit in with ours).

And, because great copywriting is at the core of everything we do, we guarantee that all product descriptions we create will be 100% unique and written by an actual human (no bots in sight).

Product description service features

Blazingly fast turnaround

Deadline? No problem. Our copywriters are fast and efficient

Fully formatted

We provide all copy in a fully formatted state, ready to upload to your website

Expertise you can trust

Our product description writers are UK native speakers with ecommerce and sector expertise

Triple checked

All content is rigorously checked by our eagle-eye in-house editors

Account management

A single point of contact for managing your copywriting project


Fully optimised content for your target keywords, including meta data

What our clients say

“Big Star completed product copy for our new website. I worked with Derryck who managed the whole process very well, and was very professional and flexible when we had to make some changes to the product lineup. The copy was delivered on time with no fuss. I highly recommend Big Star for your copywriting needs.”
Donal Ryan
Ecommerce Manager, Fleetwood Paints
“I have been personally working with Big Star for over 6 months now, and must say they have been fantastic! The content is excellent, with the tone of voice being on point every time - I couldn't be happier. Plus, they are good for getting content back to you on time - Bonus!”
Ryan Thaker
Marketing Executive, Mattress Next Day
“Derryck and team was great to partner with for a large scale SEO copywriting project. He was always responsive to feedback, met deadlines and produced high volumes of great content that met the requirements of my company's brand and tone.”
Tiffany Tsui

Frequently asked questions

Selling your products online can be as simple as posting a few photos and listing a price. But that approach won’t get you far. When it comes to effective online selling, creating precise, accurate and appealing  descriptions is all-important. Your descriptions provide customers with the information they need to make an informed decision and connect the product to your brand, maximising sales in the process.

With product descriptions, there are also a lot of SEO considerations. If your products are to hit heady heights of the Google front page, you have to work hard to get your content and format in line with the Google algorithms. Bringing together all these elements in cohesive, sweet-sounding copy is where the challenge really lies.

Our product description copywriters are highly experienced and understand what they need to do to reach your target audiences in the most effective ways possible. They can adapt to your tone of voice requirements and condense key product details into information-rich descriptions that do all the hard work for you. They recognise the importance of being clear and concise while retaining the magic that distinguishes your brand.

There are two main reasons why product description writing is a vital factor in improving your sales figures. First, descriptions can make products more appealing to your most important demographics.

Often, you achieve this by injecting aspects of your brand’s personality into the descriptions. This helps link your brand to the product. Customers who are already loyal to your brand are more likely to buy the product, and customers searching for a specific product are introduced to your brand. Product description copywriters also make products more appealing by emphasising key features.

Second, product descriptions are used to remove obstacles in the customer journey that may prevent customers from making a purchase. Consider a situation in which you visit a website and find a t-shirt you absolutely love the look of but can’t find what material it’s made from for love nor money. In this situation, most people navigate away from the website and look elsewhere. That’s a sale lost. And it’s all down to a poor description.

Good writers create copy that encourages customers to make a purchase while also eradicating reasons not to. However, great product writers can do so with a remarkable economy of words. This is incredibly important when you consider how quickly you have to make an impact on your audience. Space is short, attention spans are shorter, and your copy has to hit hard and fast if it’s to do its job.

At Big Star, we prefer to keep things simple. The best way of doing so is via clear, honest and regular communication. We keep you in the loop throughout the entire content creation process. It means things move forwards more reliably and there are fewer missteps. Ultimately, this results in faster first-call-to-completion copy. This is what the process of Big Star typically involves:

1. First contact – The initial move is for you to pick up the phone or head to our contact form and get in touch. There’s no need to wait. We’re a friendly and approachable bunch. If you know you need help with product descriptions but aren’t entirely sure what help you need, we can guide you so that the result is wholly aligned with your business objectives, budget and timescale. So please feel free to reach out.

2. Getting to know you – The real work begins with a broader discussion about your business, your products and what copy would best work for your company. This is about getting a feel for your brand and the wider sector you’re a part of.

3. Dig into the details – Next, we firm up the details of the actual project. We’ll use this information to brief our writers, so it’s a pretty critical step. We’ll want to work out things like quantities, milestones, deadlines, audiences and SEO requirements (which our in-house SEO team can help with). We have a large capacity, so if you need high volumes of descriptions, we can handle it.

4. Assign writers and form a first draft – Once we’re all ready to go, we’ll assign writers to the project. We can call on a wide range of specialist writers, so we’ll typically match you with someone with experience in your industry. Or a writer that we think is particularly suited to your brand’s voice. After a comprehensive briefing, they’ll create their first draft.

5. Proofing, edits and revisions – All of our writers’ work goes through our strict proofing and editing process, so nothing’s signed off unless we’re happy. When that’s all finished, we will send it over to you for approval. If you have any edits you would like made, we’ll get them done and the work back to you as quick as a flash.

There aren’t many product description copywriting services that move quicker than us. At Big Star, we recognise that there’s always a struggle between speed and quality. Over the years, we’ve perfected the art of finding that sweet spot where work is turned around exceptionally quickly without ever compromising on quality. This is largely down to organisational agility – something we’ve worked hard on.

However, precise timelines are dependent on project specifics. Fifty descriptions will be turned around a lot quicker than 5000. If you’re looking for a more concrete timeframe, get in touch and give us more information about what you need.

To put it plainly, we’re product description copywriting experts. We have years of experience working with big-name clients like New Era. We have the expertise required to make your descriptions pop. We’re a holistic copywriting service that handles everything from content to SEO. We could go on, but we’ll finish up by saying that, as a business, we’re interested in forming long-term professional partnerships with companies that understand the value of great content. We’ll never offer you anything less than our Big Star best.

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As a full-service copywriter, we can also support your ecommerce store with category pages, blog-writing, email marketing… you name it: if it’s written communication, we’ve got it covered. To find out more, fill in the form or give us a call on 01803 865025


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