Hopefully you have already decided to rewrite the boring product description copywriting that come with products in your ecommerce database. (You know, those default descriptions you see everywhere that make you want to scream into the computer with curses about originality and standing out from the crowd…)

Perhaps you’ve even had a go at product description copwriting yourself, or assigned this task to a member of the team to tackle.

But writing hundreds or (even) thousands of product descriptions can be a bit daunting even to the most pun-practised and alliterative of content writers or copywriting pros.

If you’re looking for some guidance and inspiration or if you just to find out what makes great ecommerce copywriting, we present the following in no particular order of preference.

Consistently applied tone of voice

You can tell that your product copy is consistently using your tone of voice when you (and your customers) can recognise your brand in every piece of copywriting across your ecommerce website; whether it’s your about page, top-level products page or an individual product description.

Using your brand’s tone in product description copy will automatically make these hard-working bits of sales copy original. After all, your brand is original and reflecting your values and style through your writing will make your product descriptions stand out from the competition.

Do this not just in the long descriptions, but also in the bullet points (key features) and in the calls to action too. Consistency breeds trust.

Utilises customer searches

The product names you feature on your ecommerce site should reflect the search terms that are used by your customers. This not only helps tremendously with your SEO, it is also good sales practice, because you will be using the words of your customer to help influence the sale.

One way to ensure this is done correctly is to direct your copywriters to write a unique product description for every product, based on this customer insight data. Writing product by product gives each description a unique quality and presence and forces the point from the writers down through to customers that you care about what you sell and that you care enough about each customer’s needs to write a description that is informative and reflects their needs (searches).

Answers questions for the customer for great product description copywriting

All great product description copywriting should doi this, but it’s always good to remind ourselves…

You need to answer all the questions and doubts a customer will have about a product, your service, the shipping, etc. And you need to do so immediately.

This means addressing the ‘what is it’ and ‘what is it for’ type questions, as well as the ‘how will you deliver it to me’ questions.

You can do this by having a clear policy for delivery and linking to this from your product description.

You’ll notice that I haven’t said to be flippant or irreverent or even ‘funny’ in any of these tips. That’s because those are aspects of your tone of voice and are determined by your brand. These techniques work well for some brands, but not for all.


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