These days a multi-pronged approach to online marketing is essential, and aside from your website itself, social media is rapidly becoming one of the most important channels to concentrate on. By building your social media presence you can spread your brand wider, draw further traffic towards your website and engage with your customers more effectively.

fashion copywriter can help you begin building that presence for your fashion brand. Before we take a look at how, let’s glance at some of the key benefits of a well-implemented social media strategy:

• Build brand awareness

• Promote offers and product news

• Drive traffic back to your website

• Communicate with customers on a one to one basis

• Low-cost marketing

Where to start

You should start planning your social media strategy by determining which social media channels are right for your brand. The ones which are right for you are the ones that your customers are most likely to be using, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or anything else.

Where the fashion copywriter comes in

Once you’ve got your social media accounts up and running you should work with your fashion copywriter to develop a ‘voice’ and personality that is appropriate for your brand. This should tie in to the branding and style of your website, although corporate communications via social media do tend to be a little more on the informal side.

Your fashion copywriter can then create assorted content which will interest and engage your customers and prospective customers. The trick is to not be too self-promotional. While it’s okay to let your followers know about an offer or new product line that may interest them, if you bombard them with sales-y content they’ll soon go off you. Try instead to post information which is genuinely useful or entertaining, or which solicits the opinions of your followers. This can help you build a long-lasting relationship with them which results in regular sales.

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