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Big Star Copywriting have tackled web copywriting projects for some of the UK’s leading search agencies with clients including the biggest names in retail, finance, travel, online gaming and a range of other sectors. We work with B2C clients including Ecco Shoes, Hilton Hotels and Ladbrokes, large B2B clients like Mascus International and Mintel, and we work with charities with multiple stakeholders like Together UK, Compassion International and ROC. All of these clients expect results.

While it’s difficult to quantify the success of a particular piece of copywriting, we know that what we do for our clients works – because they keep coming back.

Why We’re Great At What We Do

Website copywriting isn’t magic, neither is it art nor is it science. It’s a craft that requires learning, practice and experience over time to master and our writers have honed their talents either in graduating with a relevant writing qualification and/or significant experience in business or journalism.

We’ve added to that mix by developing internal processes that ensure efficient delivery, continuity and consistency even with large volumes of work. With three full-time senior staff with nearly sixty years combined experience, we have a real understanding of business at the highest levels and where content fits into the content marketing picture. We also have a full-time editor that ensures all content is checked and delivered on time.

In short, we make it easy.

All Our Web Copywriting Is About Delivering Results

As web copywriters, we aim to achieve three things:

  • Conversions
  • Search engine results
  • Customer retention

Web Copywriting That Sells

Whatever the project, whether it’s for a charity, an e-commerce site or a B2B service, we write for conversions. Website copywriting is different to writing offline. You don’t have long to make a good first impression, so your content has to be very efficient.

Once you’ve made a good first impression you may have to provide deeper levels of content in order to make a sale. As a web copywriter, that means knowing who your customers are, knowing what they want and what will drive them to take action.

We start every web or SEO copywriting project by asking:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do you want them to do when they come to your site?
  • What motivates them?
  • What problem do you solve for them? (i.e what are the benefits to the customer)
  • What are the obstacles to conversion? (could be things like trust, credibility etc)
  • What content do they need to become converts? (do they need FAQs, guides, fact sheets, long-term exposure to your expertise via blogs, articles etc)

Once we know those things, we can create copy that sells your product or service – or persuades people to take action. If you don’t know the answers to those questions, we can help you answer them.

Need advice on your web content? Call now. We can suggest what content will work best for you.

Web Copywriting For SEO

Optimised content is one of the key factors in improving your search results. Our SEO copywriters are skilled in creating optimised content that will keep your customers happy while providing the kind of relevance that search engines reward with good results.

There are lots of people our there selling their services as SEO copywriters but getting the right keywords in the right order isn’t enough – every web page your web copywriter produces needs to not only be readable but to provide a primary sales function. After all getting high rankings on Google is wasted unless your web pages can convert your site visitors into paying customers.

Optimised web copywriting is a crucial part of your online marketing. It starts with:

  • Finding the keywords that are most effective at reaching your target customer
  • Creating website copywriting that is relevant to the keyword (and to the customer)
  • Writing that content so your keywords are used appropriately

As a copywriting agency, we can do all three affordably. Plus, we can support your web site copywriting with “off page” web content like blogs, articles and press releases that build back-links to your site.

Do you need a large amount of content quickly? We offer discounted rates for large volume or high frequency projects.

Website Copywriting That Inspires Loyalty

If you want people to come back to your site again and again you have to give them a reason. Low prices are not enough. Margins can be eroded by your competitors and your profitability will suffer. However, if your web copywriter inspires loyalty in your customers they will visit you again and again.

The only way you can do this online is by producing good content.

As experienced website copywriters, we can help you devise new, interesting, relevant content that will build your brand story online and keep your customers coming back to your site. We can give them a reason to buy from you that is based on your values, not on your prices.

If you’re already a business that values and invests in content, we can take the strain from you, providing intelligent, well-written and creative website copywriting ideas regularly with a minimum of management.

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