Infographics: How to make and use them in your online marketing

Infographics: How to make and use them in your online marketing In marketing your business online you have a variety of tools in your arsenal which you can use to boost your brand and increase your exposure. Some of them, like blog posts and social media, you’ll use frequently to keep your content marketing machine […]

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SEO copywriting VS customer engagement – How to achieve the perfect balance?

There may once have been a distinction between ‘SEO copywriting’ and other types of copywriting for the web, but in 2015, all online content should be SEO optimised. Conversely, content that is created for SEO purposes should not merely exist for the purposes of wooing the search engines – that simply won’t work.

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5 questions to ask when creating your content marketing strategy

All successful websites have a precisely defined content marketing strategy. Without one, you could spend considerable amounts of time and/or money on content without achieving much in the way of results or ROI. We regularly help businesses across a variety of sectors to crystallise and solidify a content marketing strategy that will work for them, […]

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Web copywriting and everything you should know about copyright

In the world of the printed word, copyright is well established and is quite clear cut – copyright is automatically assigned to the creator of a piece of work, unless they have signed that copyright over to another party. Any unlicensed and unauthorised use of that work is considered an infringement of copyright and the […]

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How to detect plagiarism of your online copy

We’ve been looking at duplicate content a lot recently, and while it’s important that you yourself don’t use content that has been published elsewhere on the web, it’s also essential to ensure that other people aren’t using your content which you have spent time/ money creating. This week we’re looking at online plagiarism and what […]

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5 great duplicate content checkers for businesses and copywriting agencies

Recently we blogged about duplicate content and why it’s bad for your website and your content marketing strategy. So, assuming that duplicate content is something that you want to avoid, how do you go about identifying it? Here we look at some of the best duplicate content checkers available.

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Duplicate content: What it is, why it’s bad and how to avoid it

There’s no denying the fact that there’s a lot of content on the web, and inevitably at least some of it is going to be similar to content elsewhere. But there’s a world of difference between similar content and duplicate content. In this special post we examine what duplicate content is, why it’s bad for […]

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Five Steps to content marketing excellence

For many businesses, the success of their online efforts is closely tied to the success of their content marketing strategy. As a copywriting agency this is something that we have a substantial amount of experience in, so we wanted to share with you these five quick steps that you can take to achieve content marketing […]

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What makes good e-commerce content great?

What does great e-commerce content look like?

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Sources of inspiration: Where to find original ideas for your online content

Sources of inspiration: Where to find original ideas for your online content If you’re going to keep people (and the search engines) interested in your website then you need to create a constant flow of content. But it can’t just be any old content, and the following types may do you more harm than good: […]

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