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How to Create Brand Tone of Voice Guidelines

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Name a brand with a memorable tone of voice. If this was a question on the content marketers’ edition of Pointless – Monzo would probably be worth top points.  MailChimp, Oatly and First Direct would be up there too.  These companies have a memorable tone because they know what they want to say to the […]

Why brand storytelling is important

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Can you think of a brand you absolutely love? For me, Innocent immediately comes to mind. Even though they’re now a mature brand with a well-established presence, I still find myself talking about them, celebrating their marketing wins and investing myself into their mission like I have personal shares in the company. They’ve become a […]

Our top 10 tips for effective B2B copywriting – How to write for a B2B brand

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“We’re great and here are the reasons why”.  Buyers will quickly switch off to suppliers that just want to talk about themselves. They want you show them how your solution solves their problems. The halcyon days of the B2B sales rep on the road have long gone.  Buyers are online and they have control of […]

How to create a buyer persona

Are you worried that you’re not getting the right content in front of the right people at the right moment in their buyer journey? To achieve your content marketing goals you need to be able to use personas to target specific buyer types with tailored content. Enter: the Buyer Persona. Lots of brands put in […]

Brand Tone of Voice (and why consistency is everything)

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” – Jonah Sachs You already know that your brand needs a strong tone of voice in order to stand out. This voice should be one which distinctively ‘sounds like’ your company – and you alone. It should also constantly reinforce your unique selling propositions […]

Jamie Oliver’s brand story deconstructed

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Jamie Oliver’s cookbook 5 Ingredients has recently made it onto the shortlist of titles for the British Book Awards. The self-styled cheeky chirpy Essex lad has secured his seat at the publishing top table alongside authors including JK Rowling and Philip Pullman. But his stellar performance in publishing is literally just one chapter in the […]

How to create irresistible fashion copywriting (that sells)

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In a world where consumers have virtually unlimited choice regarding what clothes they buy and where they get them from, to have a successful online fashion retail business you need to ensure that everything you do is exceptional. Your clothes, exceptional. Your deals, exceptional. But you also need people to know how exceptional your offering is. That means utilising fashion copywriting which is irresistible.