Can your copywriter help you with a brand identity crisis?

Identity crisis? 5 questions that copywriters ask to unravel and remodel your brand DNA

All large successful businesses have a strong and well-defined brand DNA that has enabled them to flourish and outgrow those that continue to flounder in the murky depths of their industry’s gene pool. In the internet age, one of the keys to success for small businesses is having a strong brand DNA and propagating it across the web. Here we take a look at what a copywriting agency can do to help your online marketing efforts take an evolutionary leap, but first…

What is ‘brand DNA’?

Your brand DNA is the genetic code of your organisation – it is a collection of ideas and values so integral that it can be found within everything you do. It is unique to you and is what separates your business from all of its rivals. It’s the difference between Nikes and a pair of almost identical trainers you’ve never heard of.

Brand DNA is something that any good copywriting agency will look at during the planning stages of content production for your website or social media channels. If you’re not sure what your brand DNA is, we can help you identify it with a number of relatively simple questions.

1. What one thing makes your brand special?

What do you want to be known for? Some companies make their millions by offering unbeatable value to their customers. Others put more emphasis on delivering exceptional quality, exquisite luxury or unparalleled levels of customer service. Whatever it is, the thing that marks you and your products or services out from the rest should be at the core of your brand DNA.

2. What values are integral to your business?

Around this nucleus should be placed further strands of DNA that give your brand its character. What is important to you? Are you passionate about ensuring that you have only a positive impact on the planet? Will you insist upon perfection even as the millionth order rolls out? Are you the company that cares deeply about customer satisfaction?

3. What benefits do you try to offer all of your customers?

To build yet further depth and really hit home what you have to offer, it is necessary to zero in on the specific benefits that you can provide to your customers. When we know what these benefits are, our product copywriters can really get to work selling them to your customers.

4. Where have you been in the past?

Every brand has a unique story that illuminates their origins. When people are dealing with a company, particularly a service-based one, they want to know where it all started. Colouring your brand DNA with a little history gives you the opportunity to further demonstrate your core values and showcase the skills and experience of your team.

5. Where would you like to go? What is your vision?

People like businesses that aspire to certain things and that have a clear vision of where they want to go. Steve Jobs’ vision for example was to put more computers into the hands of everyday people – a vision that has quite literally been realised in the form of the iPad. Your vision doesn’t need to be quite as groundbreaking or grandiose, but it should be just as compelling.

Talk to us to find out how we can help you bring your brand DNA to the forefront, and remember to follow our blog for more insights.

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