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Copywriting 101: Back to Basics Copywriting for Beginners

Copywriting for beginners - Shows a skyscraper in construction

#Copywriting has over 306 million views on TikTok, and a large majority of the tagged videos dub copywriting as the next big side hustle that is set to make you thousands. With a want to break away from the 9-5, creators on the video-sharing app note that copywriting is an easy way to increase your […]

17 reasons you need to invest in content marketing in 2023

Content marketing guide - Shows Typewriter close-up

Are you hesitating to invest energy and money into content marketing? Well, consider this: no one ever won a game of Monopoly by cautiously navigating around the board without buying Pall Mall, Park Lane, or a station or two. As a business owner, you may be playing a delicate financial balancing game. But, if you […]

How Can I Tell If I Need More Content On My Site?

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.” – Marcus Sheridan Industry gurus are constantly waxing lyrical about the importance of content. It’s the king (Bill Gates). It’s the kingdom (Lee Odden). It’s the lifeblood of your marketing strategy (Neil Patel). If you own a website, you already know all this. But are […]

What to Write About During a Global Crisis

You’ve carefully mapped out your content for the year and then there’s a global pandemic. What the hell do you talk to your customers about now? Way back when you were creating your 2020 content calendar (you do have one, right?), you no doubt planned timely pieces relevant to the year’s key events. Depending on […]

Complete guide to brand monitoring

various apps on a smartphone brand monitoring tools

Let’s start with what is pretty much a given. People are talking about your brand online whether you are monitoring (and listening) to these mentions or not. If your company has a social media presence (and you’d have to dig pretty deep to find a brand without one) you will need to be actively monitoring […]

What Google’s BERT update means for content

We hope you haven’t got Google update fatigue because this is important. Google has made a giant leap in the way it understands the nuance and context of longer search queries with the release of its BERT update in its ranking system. The update means that Google will better understand one in 10 search queries. […]

Thin Content – the Complete Guide

thin content

Producing unique content that is optimised for SEO is part of a good copywriter’s DNA. Building a high quality website and sharing this valuable content is critical to the success of a brand’s marketing strategy. Showing the most relevant results to users is part of a search engine’s reason for being.  When these three elements […]

4 Essentials For Any Business Blog

When was the last time you checked in on a business blog and found the most recent post rustling among the tumbleweed that drifted across the page two years ago? Chances are this happens a lot. Regularly posting moreish content that makes readers want to come back time and time again is hard work. All […]

Blogs and Copyright – What You Need to Know

Blogs and copyright – what you need to know As a blogger there are steps you must take to ensure you are not infringing on the copyright protections of other people’s work. Content that is published online is no different when it comes to copyright protections that those that apply offline. We’ve quickly got on […]

How important is content length – what real life data says

This is a question that can freeze search teams and copywriters in the SEO headlights. In truth, the answer is there are no hard and fast rules about content length. There is common ground when it comes to opinion and experience. The consensus is that longer content works the hardest in helping businesses rank higher […]

Does Anyone Actually Use Twitter Anymore?

Are you thinking about throwing in the Twitter towel? Changing algorithms, fake news, rogue bots, trolls and reports of users closing accounts means there’s a perception the platform is losing its relevance and shine. Dig a little deeper though and user statistics show that there are still 326 million people using the network each month. […]

The ultimate guide to understanding & achieving earned media

It’s not news that earned media outflanks paid media as an effective marketing tactic. It’s what 81% of marketers think too. While CMOs still rate owned media as a priority investment, brands are also quickly figuring out how earned media fits into their integrated marketing strategy. Businesses know how to run marketing campaigns on the […]

How To Succeed in Increasing Your Social Media Following For Free

Around the globe, 3 billion people use social media. A whopping 17% of the world’s population log onto Facebook every day. For businesses large and small, it’s a relatively cheap and quick way to develop your brand with existing customers and reach out to new ones. If you’re not using social media, your business is […]

Your step-by-step guide to effective content curation

Content is everywhere. Stats scream out from across our feeds, telling us variously that the Gen Z engage with 10 hours of online content a day and that having a content marketing strategy can increase traffic by 142%. As a marketer, you know that sharing content on social media is an essential part of your […]

Online Copyright Law – the Complete Guide

In the world of the printed word, copyright is well established and quite clearly defined – copyright is automatically assigned to the creator of a piece of work, unless they have signed that copyright over to another party. Any unlicensed and unauthorised use of that work is considered an infringement of copyright and the original […]

25+ tips to curate content like a pro

Is content curation part of your marketing mix?

In the spirit of effective content curation, we’ve trawled the net to bring you our list of the best resources out there to help you curate content more effectively. What is content curation? First, do you understand the differences between content creation and curation? If not, here’s a great intro from Hootsuite. Pulling together content […]