Over the years at Big Star Copywriting, we’ve worked as a SEO copywriter for over 15 different search agencies. We know that revealing this SEO copywriting secret is going to be surprising. But we want you – our loyal readers – to understand what is going on out there in the world of SEO copywriting in a post-Google Panda world.

Hint: It’s not keywords or backlinks.

If you’re a really impatient person, just skip to the end to reveal the secret…

Oh never mind! Here it is:

Create a website that people want to read

Yep. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you are the sort of SEO copywriter who puts keywords before quality, your traffic will likely die a horrible death at the bottom of the Google results.

Back in the dark ages of search (last year in fact) Google changed its search algorithm to penalise spammy websites and to promote sites of quality.

Quality and customers have always been our mantra at Big Star – quality website content, focussed on the customer is what gets found in search engines and is what gets conversions.

In fact, focusing on your audience is just being a good copywriter.

Today’s search engine optimised web copy isn’t just about keywords. Yes, they are important, but they should only inform your writing. Using the words your customer uses (searches for) is one of the hallmarks of good copywriting.

Having tons of content isn’t the answer either. It has to be the right kind of content – the kind that your customers and prospects are interested in reading.

As a SEO copywriter, you are trying to tell your customers – and therefore the search engines – that your website is the best website for the topic.

If you sell boilers, that means getting your copywriter to create content that is useful and relevant to your customers without selling them a boiler per se.

Maybe that’s a blog post about “how to get your boiler ready for winter.” Perhaps it’s a white paper on “insulating your condensing boiler outflow pipes.”

Sure, there are design and technical considerations in SEO and offsite SEO (marketing?) tactics that help get traffic to your site.

But it’s the quality and ‘stick-ability’ of your website copywriting that keeps them there and, in the end, gets the almighty conversion.

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