Your blog is a great place to communicate ideas and create value for your readers which will help to strengthen your online relationship with them. It can also draw in new visitors and expand your online presence through social media sharing. But to do all this, your blog posts actually have to be read, and a deciding factor in this can be the titles your food copywriter gives them.

In a recent post on Moz, Nathan Safran, Director of Research at US SEO firm Conductor, says that 80% of users don’t read any further than the headline, and that ‘traffic can vary by as much as 500% based on the headline’. This highlights the importance of taking some time to carefully craft a blog post headline for any food copywriter.

Types of titles

Conductor’s research showed that certain types of headlines were more popular with readers than others. Headlines containing a number (eg. ‘Five things you can do with bacon’) were the most popular, with 36% of people preferring this type of headline.

The next most popular were ‘reader addressing’ headlines (eg. ‘Things you need to do with bacon’) with 21% preferring these, followed by ‘how to’ headlines (‘How to make tasty bacon’) at 17%.

One of the main takeaways from the research was that there was a positive correlation between the clarity of the headline and the readers’ preference. In other words, the clearer it was what the reader would get out of the content, the more they preferred it.

Make it count

The fact is that people today have access to a simply huge amount of information online and their time is limited. So they have to ration what they consume, and prejudge content based on the headline and how well it fits with what they’re looking for or are interested in. For a food copywriter keeping a regular blog then, the focus should be on not just creating great content, but giving it catchy headlines that provide clarity.

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