What’s the difference between Coca Cola and a supermarket own brand cola? There might be slight differences in taste, but if you were blindfolded would you really be able to tell the difference? What really distinguishes Coca Cola as a beverage choice for millions of people around the world is its branding. And you too can use branding to distinguish your restaurant or other food-related firm from your competitors. All you need is a talented food copywriter and a well-defined sense of who you are.

Decide on the image you want to project

The first step in crafting your brand image is to do your research and preparation. One important question to ask yourself is, who are you trying to appeal to? If you own a restaurant are you trying to bring in families, couples, groups of young people? Once you know who you’re talking to, you can create a brand that engages them more specifically.

You should also take a look around at what your competitors are doing, so you know what you’re up against, and in order to avoid duplicating their style. You might want to borrow ideas from the competition, but make sure your brand image is your own.

Once you’ve done your research, discuss with your food copywriter what messages you want your brand to convey to your customers. What are your unique selling points? Is it your recession-busting prices? Is it the intimacy and atmosphere of your location? Is it the fiery homemade hot-sauce you coat your chicken wings with? Once you know what your USPs are your food copywriter can start peppering them throughout your online presence.

Building your brand

What’s important is that you brand yourself consistently across your website, blog, social media, email marketing campaigns or anything else, so it’s recommended that you use the same food copywriter across the board. Work with them to inject some real personality into your online presence that will create an appetite for your food. A bonus of you and your food copywriter creating a strong recognisable brand is that you can also get people talking about it themselves, generating a lucrative yet free stream of marketing.

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