In a recent post on Copyblogger, Sean Jackson looked at ‘The 5 Things Customers Actually Want’. These were the things that people want once they get past basic needs, and that it was up to a web copywriter to offer. These five things were namely ‘ease’, ‘physical comfort’, ‘mental stimulation’, ‘identity reinforcement’ and ‘social acknowledgement’.

But along with the things that people want go the things that they definitely don’t want when looking at your site, and that’s what we’re going to look at here.

1. To have to work it out

Using lots of unnecessary jargon in your copy doesn’t make you sound like a clever web copywriter, it just confuses people and leaves them reaching for the dictionary or the back button. Your content should be straight forward and (except in certain specific cases) easy to understand by a layperson.

2. Every detail about your company and its products

People really don’t care that much about your company, or your products for that matter. What they care about is what you can do for them, and how qualified you are to fulfil this purpose. In the case of products, focus on benefits rather than features.

3. The hard sell

People aren’t going to buy anything from you because you ram messages like it’s the ‘best’ or ‘fastest ever’ down their throats, or because of any other kind of hyperbole. What they want is evidence and the space to evaluate it for themselves. Your web copywriter needs to adopt a tone of voice that is helpful, reassuring and above all authentic – forget the hard sell, kill your customers with kindness if you want them to love you forever.

 4. Eye strain

The structure and the length of your content matters. People are turned off by long chunks of content and are unlikely to read it all. Your web copywriter should break your content up into manageable chunks that are easy to scan read.

5. The same old content

The most successful online businesses understand the value of creating fresh, original content which oozes personality and distinguishes them from their competitors.

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