You know how to make a mean meal that’ll keep them coming back for more, but do you know how to draw them in in the first place? One day it may be possible to transmit the irresistible aromas of your cooking over the internet direct to the noses of your potential customers, but until that day you should take a few tips from a food copywriter on how to entice them online.

Advice from a Food Copywriter:

Spice up your online menus – Because visitors to your website can’t smell your food or feel the textures, you need to evoke these sensations in their minds. A good food copywriter would find succinct yet imaginative ways to describe your food which will get mouths watering.

Draw attention to tasty benefits – When people visit your website they’re far more interested in what’s in it for them than they are about the details of your business. Emphasise the benefits of eating in your restaurant, whatever they may be. For example, don’t just describe your setup, tell them if it will provide a ‘romantic mood’ or ‘a lively night out’.

Include a meaty call to action – Once you’ve built up their appetite for your food and your overall dining experience, you need to tell your potential diners how to take the next step. Be specific – tell them to call you to make a reservation, download a menu or sign up for your special offers via email.

Entice them with regular blogs – A blog is an invaluable way of communicating with your customers. As well as keeping them up to date with your latest dishes, special deals and events, you can provide extra value by sharing a few culinary tips or recipes.

Be distinctive – Use the skills of a food copywriter to create an online identity that will stick in the minds of would be customers. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality and do what no one else is doing.

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