Your restaurant is much more than just a building with food in it. It’s a living, breathing entity with its own character, and to be successful your food needs to have plenty of personality too. One of the secrets of getting bums on chairs is to effectively communicate this via your website, and you can use the skills of a food copywriter to do just that.

Your story

No restaurant is the same as yours, and to really sell prospective diners on the idea of eating at your place you need to tell them your story. Make it as compelling and sincere as possible, and don’t be afraid to inject a little colour, even quirkiness.

If your recipes have been handed down from generation to generation be sure to tell them, and add a little historical flavour. If you had a vision for creating a specific type of restaurant tell them that too. Really try to get across what makes your restaurant unique.

When telling them your story, a good food copywriter pays attention to how it is structured. Don’t give them too much information to digest all at once, structure your content like you would a three-course meal. Start off with a taster to give them a general flavour of your place that stands alone should they choose not to read on, then move on to the main course of information, before finishing off with a call to action telling them where you are or how to make a reservation. Throughout, emphasise what makes you different and discuss benefits of dining with you.

Your Food

What people really want to know about is your food. Don’t just tell them it’s ‘tasty’ – it should be, you’re a restaurant after all. Use a good food copywriter technique and get into specifics, and use some colourful adjectives to describe the flavours of your food – ‘smoky’, ‘creamy’, ‘decadent’, ‘fiery’, ‘rich’, ‘delicate’ etc.

Of course, you should also avoid overstuffing the pudding with adjectives, as you don’t want to give them verbal indigestion. If appropriate, give them extra details, such as where and how you source your ingredients.

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