In a recent blog post over on TNW (, Barry Feldman provides some useful tips for bloggers and web copywriters alike, entitled ‘If you think you can’t write, you’re wrong, copywriting tips for the novice blogger’. In it he encourages even those who doubt their writing abilities to soldier on, and provides some genuinely useful tips for better writing, including:

  • Eliminating redundancies
  • Breaking up sentences
  • Using the active voice
  • Getting rid of ‘nothing phrases’

Feldman is to be commended for the encouragement he offers bloggers who wish to write online as a hobby. But if you’re planning on creating content for a business website or other commercial venture, a different rule applies – if you think you can’t write, you’re probably right. Yes, it may not have the same positive message and rosy glow to it, but if you’re serious about marketing yourself online, you really are better off leaving it to the professionals.

Are you the most suitable person to write your own web content?

Think about it. If your car needed a new gearbox, would you attempt to do it yourself despite a lack of mechanical knowledge? If your basement was flooding with dirty water, would you tell yourself ‘yes I can’ and wade in to fix it yourself?

In the examples above, you would of course call your friendly local mechanic and plumber respectively. In the same way if you want some content for your website that will actually fulfil its purpose, it is highly recommended that you get in touch with a professional web copywriter.

You might know everything there is to know about your industry. You might have an effervescent enthusiasm for the services you provide. But if you write your own content and your writing skills aren’t up to scratch it’s going to potentially cost you a lot more than if you’d paid a professional to do it.

Why hire a web copywriter

Just like mechanics, plumbers, architects and any other skilled profession, web copywriters have a natural aptitude for what they do. While it may be true that anyone can become a better writer than they currently are, not everyone can be a great writer, or even a good one. Where a mechanic might have an inherent understanding of the way that mechanical parts work, professional copywriters generally have an in-depth knowledge of the way that words work and how to use them to maximum effect.

But in addition to this natural skill, usually bolstered by a relevant degree and experience in the field, a bona fide web copywriter will have studied the best ways to communicate in the online world. Where a mechanic might know tricks of the trade which enable them to restore a dead engine, a copywriter knows how to revive an underperforming website and bring it roaring back to life.


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