A few weeks ago, I wrote about white paper copywriting and how this kind of content can help win new customers or keep existing customers happy and coming back to you for more. Case studies are no exception to the value-led content marketing cycle.

What case studies need to address is not just who you worked for, but what challenge you needed to solve, and that’s where a great title can make or break your case study.

Constructing a convincing case study title

The point of a case study isn’t to say how great your customer list is. The point is to provide an indirect method of showing your chops – how good you are to work with to solve problems.

Don’t simply write out your customer’s name and project.

To find a great title that’s going to attract attention and get read, you need to choose a topic that is based around a specific problem. Your copywriting needs to shed light on that problem.

Here are a few examples to start you off:

  • Online database helps ABC Co streamline scheduling
  • How we solved the procurement bottleneck for ABC Co
  • Guidelines save time in ABC Co communications lifecycle

When approaching your case study copywriting this way, you make your point from the title onwards. It will be easier for you to write when starting from a solid place like this, and it will be more interesting for your reader too. Provide the ‘conclusion’ or the hint at the conclusion in the title, back it up with a good lead and follow on with providing more detail in the piece.

In fact, if you’re doing it right, the target may not even need to read the whole case study to be convinced that you are the right business to work with. They will be able to see from your case study titles that you have solved issues for others.

One further title technique to consider is for when you are sharing this case study through social channels, you might want to add ‘Case Study’ to the beginning of the title (Case Study: Online database helps ABC Co streamline scheduling) to further differentiate the kind of content you’re providing.

Coming next in the series: Case study copywriting Part 3 – Studying the body

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