As I sit here in my website copywriting office recently decorated for Halloween, I got to thinking about fears, specifically those fears that hold back some businesses when it comes to website copywriting.

But how could someone be afraid of website copywriting?

…Oh. You’d be surprised.

Knowledge conquers fear. So here are two of the most common fears around web copywriting that I have experienced, and some knowledge to act as antidote.

But I (he, she, we) can write!

I read a great quote in Mark Shaw’s book Copywriting from Sarah McCartney. She said “ Writing is like football: everyone can do it, but you wouldn’t pay everyone to join your team.”

Just because you CAN write doesn’t mean you should.

I call this the Fear of Letting Go.

In this fear, the business (or someone in the business) thinks that because someone else will do the online copywriting, the business won’t be able to control what the words say. As if somehow we writers can just slip copy onto an unsuspecting website and ruin the business.

If someone in your business feels like you/they won’t get a say in how the words are formed, I’d like to enlighten you.

  • We can’t do our jobs without you!
  • We talk to you about what you want to say.
  • The, we talk about the kinds of words you like to use, and the ones you don’t (this is your brand language).
  • A sample is written and sent to you so that you can see how it will read, and make any changes you would like to the tone and to details.
  • We write the rest of the web pages and submit them to you to review for accuracy and details.
  • Once you’re happy, voila! You have professionally written website copy or articles, blog posts and news for your website .
  • Bonus: you didn’t have to stay up late over the weekend doing the writing yourself.

It will cost too much

The Fear of the Unknown.

This one is actually pretty easy to conquer. Let’s just use an example you’re familiar with: a new website design.

Getting a new design and working with designers at an agency is a pretty common thing for an online business. Let’s say you have a small site. You have 10 pages designed and lots of assets like buttons, images, rollovers, etc.

Let’s just imagine that the budget for the redesign and implementation is £5,000. No copywriting.

Your site looks good, but does it ‘read good?’ (A little writing humour there, sorry.)

To write those 10 pages, you’re looking at 8%-10% of the budget of the redesign.

Yes, that’s right. £400-£500. Copywriting is the most cost-effective and affordable item in online marketing.

So what’s holding you back?

By Steve Kellas

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