In many cases, your restaurant’s website will be the first major contact that potential diners have with your business once they’ve discovered it through word of mouth or online search. Therefore it needs to be as tasty and as well presented as your dishes. A professional food copywriter can do for your website what your head chef does for your menu, and can help to create an appetite for your food before the customer has even set foot in your restaurant. The techniques for doing so are as clear cut and well refined as braising a choice cut of meat.

Use a food copywriter to build character and create atmosphere

No restaurant is truly the same, and a good food copywriter will bring out what is unique about yours in your website copy. It’s all about painting a picture in the reader’s mind of what kind of an experience they can expect. With careful choice of a few words, your restaurant can be portrayed as intimate and romantic, warm and family friendly, or trendy and cutting edge. The overall flavour of your restaurant should be worked in seamlessly from the homepage to the menus.

Showcasing your dishes

This, let’s face it, is the most crucial part of any restaurant website. A food copywriter can create descriptions of your food which evokes flavours and textures, giving the reader a mental bite of your dishes. Skillful yet restrained use of adjectives will create not just a picture of your food but an appetite for it.

Selling your team

For some diners, the most important ingredient in your restaurant is the team behind it. Your website is a great opportunity to introduce your staff to them, from the management to the chef’s working behind the scenes to make everything just right.

A food copywriter can build trust in your team (and hence the dining experience) by conveying their experience and perhaps even a little of their personality in concise textual portraits.

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