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Your product description writing can be the difference between a conversion and a calamity. Good or great; acceptable or sparkling; reasonable or resonating - it can literally be the difference between resounding success and avoidable failure. Add to the mix: SEO and the importance of 'speed to market' - getting your product description writing to work for your brand has never been more important. Do you really want to leave something this important to a line of code?

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Words that bring products to life. For a price that will probably surprise you.

Don’t just describe. Delight.

Product descriptions aren’t just containers waiting to be filled up with content. They’re a golden opportunity for selling and brand-building.

However, producing engaging, effective product description writing in large quantities isn’t easy. Plus, your potential customers are internet savvy and recognise automatically generated text when they see it. And that’s where we come in.

Work with the product description writing experts.

We’ve helped dozens of online retailers, including Mighty Deals, Audio Go, Luminati, Poised, Bellezo and SockShop with thousands of pages of high-quality product description writing.

Whatever your size, whatever your sector, our product description writing can improve search results, increase conversion rates and target long-tail keywords.

“Big Star are fantastic to work with. Always flexible and ready to help, they constantly work to our tight deadlines without a hitch and deliver great quality content for our daily deals website at a very competitive price. Would recommend them to anyone!”

Sally Hackman, Senior Copywriter, Mighty Deals.

Here’s what we can do for you.

  •     Unique, fully optimised product description writing to boost your SEO efforts
  •     Fast delivery, scalable to your monthly, quarterly, seasonal or annual product catalogue updates
  •     Persuasive, benefit-driven copy that gets to the heart of what customers really want
  •     Longer-form buyers’ guides and FAQs for customers who want to dig deeper
  •     Professional, on-brand and on-tone writing that boosts conversions

You can’t blame Google.

Mirrored content means mediocre rankings…

Repeating manufacturers’ descriptions creates a confusing mishmash of search listings that confuses searchers and irritates Google.

What you need is a product description writer who can produce unique, detailed, engaging content to please search engines and set your brand apart.

…and nobody reads it anyway.

Customers have got wise to all the rehashed, robotic content that’s out there.

They know the difference between cut-and-paste and a real human being writing just for them.

Authentic product description writing, rooted in the experience of the product, build trust and credibility for your brand.

Thousands of descriptions.
One content partner.

We deliver.

When you work with a product description copywriter, you need to know that they can turn around your project quickly.

We can produce convincing, trust-building product copy in large volumes, any time throughout the year.

We have a team of talented and experienced UK content writers and we manage the project for you. Just leave everything to us.

Get back to doing what you do best.

Is your in-house team burning hundreds of hours trying to populate your online catalogue with descriptions?

Let our network of experienced content writers do the heavy lifting, so you can spend time on something more productive.

You get a single point of contact, while we maintain editorial control over the whole process on your behalf.

Find out what teaming up with a human product description generator can do for your business.
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