Ask any online marketing professional or web copywriter what the most important reason for creating online articles and content is, and they’re likely to respond, ‘to add value’.

If you’re creating online articles and content simply for the sake of having some content up there, or to satisfy some supposed SEO criteria, you’re missing out on the real potential of content creation. Whether it’s positioned on your own website or takes the form of articles and blog posts distributed elsewhere on the web, your content should leave your audience satisfied that they’ve gained something by reading it. With that in mind, here are five ways to add value to your content.

Provide practical information

The most useful information is that which can be acted upon. Short articles and blog posts are perfect for providing tips and knowledge related to your field which people can use. Whitepapers and more in-depth pieces of content meanwhile are a great way of sharing your expertise on key subjects or issues within your industry. By providing value in this way you begin to build a relationship with web users that may lead to them becoming customers later down the line.


When you create online articles and content, do so not from the perspective of a company looking to expand its audience or increase its sales, but instead from the point of view of the customer. Consider what they need, what’s important to them and how you can provide these things through your content.

Be current

While ‘evergreen’ content has a key role to play in your online marketing strategy, you should also aim to create content which is topical and addresses key concerns facing people now. Keep up to date with the news in your industry and in the wider world where appropriate, and provide extra value to your users by offering your authoritative insights on current issues. Quoting relevant statistics can add further value by making the information more concrete and tangible.

Be honest and sincere

Making bold unsubstantiated claims and driving forwards with the hard sell does not add value. Seasoned copywriters know that the way to a customer’s heart, and by extension their wallet, is to approach them honestly and with respect. When you create content which is true to what your firm has to offer and which takes into account the real needs of customers, you can’t help but also create value.

Tell readers how to find out more

No article or blog post is an island. Each individual piece of content is part of a disparate conversation taking place on a global scale, and providing your readers with easy access to voices other than yours can add a substantial amount of value. Alternatively, you may yourself have further content that the reader may find useful, so you might link to that at the end of the piece. On that note, we’ve got more information about adding value to your online content on our Content Marketing page (

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