When you are planning the copywriting for your About Us page, you just might find that due to the longevity of your company – or even due to an interesting series of accomplishments and events – you might need another page to handle that kind of information. Enter the Our History page.

Instead of focussing on the benefits of your products or services, copywriting an Our History page allows you to highlight your accomplishments and to give more insight into how you conduct business. This helps build your credibility in the mind of your target audience.

How to go about copywriting history

Your History page offers more than one way to present your company chronicle. Consider trying something different and breaking out of the usual ‘list’ model:

  • Chronological time-line by event: this lets you highlight different points in the business and show how the company grew, succeeded (and failed too). This is an easy way to get a lot of interesting points across, followed by the year they happened.
  • Founder’s story: copywriting services like ours often use storytelling as an engaging way to keep attention. Writing about the Founder of your business and why he or she started out is a compelling story for anyone to read, especially if they are particularly noteworthy people in the community.
  • Eras: instead of slapping down some dates, consider writing about different eras in the company’s history. These can be actual eras of time if your company has been around a while. Or the eras can be more creative, such as ‘the founding years;’ ‘the boom times,’ ‘growing up,’ etc.
  • Video: with video becoming more easily delivered over the web, copywriting a script for video and putting it online is a great way to get your history across, without a lot of reading required for your target audience. This is also a great way to get your team in front of your customers and build rapport and trust.

Must-have copy elements for Our History

However you choose to handle the copywriting for your History page, there are a few key elements that you should cover:

  • Reason for founding: what is your company trying to solve? This is also known as your purpose or ‘mission.’
  • Major accomplishments/milestones: listing your major accomplishments helps build credibility and shows your expertise in your field or sector.
  • Future plans: history might be in the past, but you are going somewhere too. Communicate your plans here to show direction, and update the page as you accomplish those plans.

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