This is a true website copywriting story, and a cautionary one.

Not long ago, I was asked to re-write some webpages to make them more ‘user-friendly’ and, like many of my freelance copywriter projects, I began with a review of the current website copy. My own personal audit of what needed improving.

What I found surprised me. If I were arriving at their website for the first time as a customer, I’m not sure I would have bought from them.

Here’s what I found:

  • An outdated price on an older (but still visible, and outdated) product line
  • Incorrectly named products and inconsistent naming
  • Spelling errors
  • Grammar errors such as missing punctuation (full-stops) and completely incorrect punctuation such as a full-stop followed by an exclamation mark(.!)
  • Missing or incorrectly used modifiers that changed the meaning of the phrase on several key pages
  • And, a legal Terms of Use page that had the details of an offer that expired 3 years ago

As customers, we can forgive a few mistakes on a website. We all make them. It happens.

But…maybe not that many.

As a business, they were shocked and appalled that copywriting was still on the website for an outdated product with old pricing. Trust could be broken and good customers lost over mistakes like that. Never mind the legal ramifications of not updating your Terms in over 3 years.

How did this happen?

Like many businesses, they had never gone through the website to check that what was on there still needed to be there. They didn’t know what was on the website, because with staff changes, there was no way to know who had posted a lot of the content in the first place.

This is where a content audit can save your business from embarrassment, or legal action.

A content audit helps ensure trust isn’t lost

When we conduct a full, professional content audit, we highlight the kinds of errors and omissions that turn customers away. It’s a copywriting service that doesn’t involve writing. Rather, we spend time carefully analysing the copy on each page.

We review the calls-to-action, buttons, pricing, product descriptions and even error messages. Any information that is old, out of date, or in need of refreshing will be brought to your attention, ready to be dealt with either by us, or your business.

SEO and copywriting

Even if you don’t have the kinds of mistakes on your website that I outlined above, you might be missing out on a golden marketing opportunity by not updating the site regularly.

Search engines, like Google, regularly visit websites to see if they have changed. The more frequently they change, the more they visit. Therefore, regularly reviewing and updating your website is good for SEO. You’ll be able to make changes to your keywords and phrases to make them more effective over time.

(This, by the way, is one of the reasons I love web. You can make changes to improve your results, in ‘real’ time.)

If you haven’t updated your website copywriting in a couple years, it’s time to review it and refresh it.

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