Upsetting, isn’t it? You put all that time and energy into crafting wonderful content and then nobody reads it.

The ultimate content

You understand that life’s too short to stuff a keyword and you’ve silkily and smoothly threaded them into quality copy. You’ve compelled, persuaded, entertained, amused and informed – dotted the i’s, and crossed your fingers that the hordes will descend on your new website, your new proposition. It’s only a very short matter of time until visitors will obediently fall under your call to action spell and start shelling the cash.

Buy Buy

And yet still nobody is hanging around. Your analytics are telling you clearly that visitors are in and then rapidly out. How can anyone be taking in the message when they bounce so quickly? Logic tells you firmly that it’s just not possible for your visitors to take in your content. They simply aren’t on your pages long enough. And what’s with the unique visitor stats? How come so few people return?

Well there’s something that you need to know…

People don’t read online – They scan.

Visitors will hunt for keywords and ignore the rest.  They arrived at your site because they think your content could be of use.  And they demand a variety of returns on their time including:

  • Answers
  • Easily accessible information
  • High quality information
  • Competitive advantage
  • Entertainment

You HAVE to make it EASY for people to scan. They’ll do the heavy lifting (reading) once they can quickly identify your content holds relevance.

The last thing you want when you arrive at a new site all exited and optimistic is a great slab of visually impenetrable text. That’s asking way too much of a visitor. A wall of copy is a dull return and very quickly your business objectives will be clicked into touch.

However great the quality of the content is – it won’t be read.

Here’s the secret of successful web copy

  • Death defying headlines that instantly intrigue and pull them into body text
  • First sentences that work hard
  • Second sentences that work even harder
  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraphs
  • Clear and interesting sub-headings
  • Lists
  • Bullet points
  • Write with a knife


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