Have your email copywriting ideas run their course for your regular newsletter?

When you began, it all seemed like a dream. You wrote your customers with news and updates on what your company was doing.

For a time it was okay, but then you were asked about measuring success: the open rate was declining, and no one was really signing up. Is news really engaging your customers?

You also found that news doesn’t happen on a schedule. It was getting difficult to support the email content around such a narrow scope and you were struggling to get content contributions from the rest of the team.

I’m here to tell you that you can provide value for your business with email copywriting by sending your customers email content they will look forward to reading.

Sometimes all it takes is a little change of perspective.

Think of it as customer service

One of the easiest ways of finding new ideas for email copywriting is to change the scope of the content from ‘all about you’ to all about ‘them’.

It’s not a ‘newsletter,’ it’s a customer service letter. Every email you send out can be an exercise in customer service.

Ask yourself this: how can I help my customers to do more in their businesses; to succeed, do things faster, or better?

Share your views, tips and expert advice with your customers regularly and you will really build your relationship with them.

Here are a some email copywriting starters:

  • Give one new tip each week on using or maintaining your product
  • Find ways of offering seasonal information
    • recycling old content is a great way to re-connect with long-time readers and to connect with new customers
    • offers come with the seasons too; which offers did well last year? Offer them again so new customers can take advantage of them; make it something to look forward to
  • Make it more personal
    • tell them what you believe in or value
    • share a funny story
    • explain where the parts come from (or fruit travels from)
    • delight them with unusual uses, or valuable stories from others

Still stuck?

If you’re still finding it difficult to come up with regular email copywriting ideas for your email marketing newsletter or promotions, look to sources outside your business:

  • Sign up to other newsletters (not in your niche) to get some ideas
    • Innocent Drinks is particularly good (not a client)
  • Write an email poll and ask your customers how you can help them
  • Ask your customer service department, office manager, or receptionist for ideas; they know what questions people have
  • Work on answering those common questions over time with each email

by Steve Kellas

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