When I take on a new freelance copywriter to join the Big Star Copywriting team, whether it’s to handle SEO copywriting projects or for a more customer-facing copywriting assignment, one of the first pieces of feedback I deliver is on the importance of “you”.

What I mean by that is this: so many companies out there write almost exclusively about themselves – “we” do this, “we” do that – without really involving the reader – the customer – “you” – in the communication.

Copywriters love “you”

It’s not surprising really. When you’re in business, you’re preoccupied with what you do and how you do it. When people ask about your business, you enjoy telling them exactly what you do, the incredible features of your company, how you developed your strategies and so on and so forth.
That’s fine – and totally understandable, because those issues have probably occupied every waking moment of your life for months if not years. However, that doesn’t actually help you when it comes to selling your products or services. And after you’ve worked so hard to create such a great product or service it deserves to have a really good crack of the whip when it comes to your sales pitch, doesn’t it?

So when it comes to copywriting, you want to show your customer that you are not just talking about yourself, you are talking to them about their interests and addressing their needs with your product or service.

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Part of being a freelance copywriter is to answer one fundamental question: “what’s in it for me?” Customers, particularly those using your website, will switch off extremely quickly if you don’t address that question immediately and obviously in your copy.
Using “you” as frequently as possible in your copywriting is a direct way of engaging with your customer. It personalises the communication and engages directly with the reader as an individual rather than a vague abstract entity.

I see this quite often:

“Our clients benefit from our services because they give the customer everything they want.”
It’s an incredibly indirect way of communicating. This is far more powerful:

“You benefit from our services because they give you everything you want.”

Crude but you take my point? By addressing your customer as “you” within your copywriting, you open up a more direct style of communication. Now, you’ve got their attention all you have to do is appeal to their emotions in order to sell your product or service, but then that’s another story.

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