I’m trying an experiment over the next few weeks and it’s this: can I boost my search results on Google for the phrase ‘UK copywriter’ using content alone?

My plan is to blog, publish articles and press releases and to alter the content of my site to include more instances of the phrase UK copywriter as well as associated phrases such as UK copywriting and UK copywriters. Obviously I don’t want to overdo it, so I’m going to balance that up with phrases like web copywriter, SEO copywriter and other target phrases related to my copywriting services bit

Along the way I want to try to find out more about:

  • What’s the best strategy to follow?
  • What makes an effective keyword? Is UK copywriter the right choice?
  • What are the most effective SEO copywriting methods?
  • Where do you go to get the best advice on SEO copywriting?
  • Can regular blogging help SEO without blog promotion?
  • Does article marketing work?
  • Do press releases work?
  • What frequency of content do you need to produce to ensure a result?
  • Can you measure the effect that content alone has on your rankings and your sales?
  • Is the time and money invested in creating and publishing that content actually worth it?
  • Can I apply this to the work I do for my UK copywriting clients?

Finally, the bottom line will be whether all my efforts to get higher rankings for “UK copywriter” actually translate into any additional business or not.

My hypotheses then are as follows:

  1. I will be able to achieve a higher position for the phrase UK copywriter by using content alone.
  2. By using secondary keywords in my web copywriting and articles etc I will benefit from improved SERPs across all my target key phrases.
  3. That a higher position will result in more traffic
  4. That higher traffic will result in more business.

I’m also expecting the additional benefits of

oGetting more people to read my blog

oGathering evidence in the field for my beliefs about copywriting

oApplying our content strategy practically

Day by day I’m going to track my activity against my results, discuss advice from white papers, reports and blogs from some influential SEO people, bloggers and copywriters, and I’m going to look at what other UK copywriters are doing.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss why I’m actually doing this. That’s it – hope you can join me on my journey to UK copywriting success… or failure.

Current position for UK copywriter on Google.co.uk – 11

Current position on UK copywriter on Google.com – 15

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