If you are a copywriter, website manager or editor who is responsible for web content, you need to know how search engine algorithm changes affect your search rank, SEO and your web copy.

Last week, Google announced 10 new changes to its algorithm. You can read more about all the changes on Search Engine Land.

Today, we are focussing on several of the changes that are big news if you’re a web copywriter or copywriting agency like us.

Google picks more snippet copy from your page

We often write about why using a web copywriter is important for your SEO. But, we don’t just say so because we’re copywriters.

The main reason for us going on about this is because both your customers and the search engines (like Google) judge your web copy on its quality. See our post on the Google Panda update for more about how it assesses quality copywriting.

This new change builds on that by using the most relevant and highest quality copy from your page (that matches the search query) in the snippet of text, or summary, that sits below the link and title of your page in the Google search results.

In other words: your web copywriting is now heavily tied to your site’s perceived relevance before a person even visits your site!

‘Fresh content’ gets a significant boost

This is something most web copywriters and SEO experts have known about for a while. The freshest content does get a boost in ranking from the search engines. What we now know is what Google means by ‘fresh’ content.

There are the obvious types of content that should be fresh in the search results such as current events, news and hot topics. Regularly occurring events such as conferences will also get a boost now because searchers expect to see the most recent event, in the listings, not the one from 10 years ago.

The biggest change for you to pay attention to is that Google more obviously accounts for ‘fresh updates’ to websites.

This doesn’t mean minor page updates. It’s the new pages like blog posts, news articles, new pages and new customer reviews that are all indexed more frequently and given a boost up the rankings.

In short, you need to be producing regular, high-quality new website copy to keep up.

If you needed another reason to think carefully about what your copywriting agency or website content person is putting on your site, Google told Search Engine Land this:

“Freshness is one component, but we also look at the content of the result, including topicality and quality.”

Basically, Google is making a bigger deal of high-quality, relevant, useful and purposeful web copy and in turn, is reducing the ability for websites to spam us all with their low-value content.

Score one for the good guys!

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