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Insider's Guide to Content Marketing - Free Download

A helpful guide for anyone looking for content marketing ideas

Get the lowdown on everything content marketing in our free downloadable PDF guide. Content marketing expert Derryck Strachan gives tried and tested advice on setting up a content marketing campaign, plus all of the following…

  • Stats and insider knowledge on the best performing blog post formats
  • Inspiration for types of content you can create for your brand
  • A guideline on SEO best practices, the ideal length of content and practical keyword optimisation
  • Many more tips and tricks for showstopper pieces of content…

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What's included in your free Insider's Guide to Content Marketing?

Part 1. How do I get started?

Master the planning stage of your content marketing campaign with our step-by-step checklist.

Part 2. What types of content could you produce?

Practical advice on the types of content that perform the best and how you can relate them to your own ideas.

Part 3. Crafting your content and SEO tactics

Essential tips for crafting the perfect piece of content and optimising it for search engines.

Part 4. How to promote and share your content

A key aspect of any content marketing campaign! Find ideas on the top channels and methods to promote your new content.

Part 5. How to make sense of the data

Review, revise and repeat. Learn how to interpret your campaign data and improve results.