You already know that using a good copywriter can help get higher conversion rates on your sales pages, keep your customers interested and engaged on social media, educate your audience and position your business as an expert in your sector. You also already know that copywriting hugely impacts on SEO.

And if that weren’t enough, today we’re going to show you – through the experience of a client – that hiring a web copywriter pays for itself quickly and can actually lower the amount of your Google Adwords spend.

ROI and copywriting

We recently worked as the copywriting agency for 4D Interactive, one of the UK’s largest providers of telephony services, to write SEO and reader-relevant content for their Kooma brand of psychic services in the UK and US.

This involved our web copywriter creating over 45 pages of UK-English content that featured key words from 4D’s SEO keyword strategy, and explained the Kooma service to visitors.

We also wrote over 45 pages of unique content for the service’s US-English website. It had to be unique, rather than a straight US-ified version because it’s a better customer experience, and Google’s Panda update kinda mandates it.

You might think this level of investment would take a while to produce a return, but 4D Interactive Managing Director, David Lee, states otherwise:

“By professionally writing the content on our website, the greater focus and relevance it’s given us means it has paid for itself within the first month.”

That’s right. A positive ROI for the copywriting in one month.

The reason for this isn’t just due to an increase in sales. It’s also because the relevance of the content actually improved their Adwords spend.

Relevance improves Adwords spend

In fact, it turns out that 4D Interactive is saving around 15% on their Adwords spend because of the improved relevance of the website, a savings of several thousand pounds per year.

How is this possible?

It all comes down to relevance.

As a great article on SEOmoz about Adwords quality scores explains, the more your landing page copy reflects the search terms, the higher a ‘quality’ score Google attaches to your Adwords ad.

The better your quality score, the higher your ad ranks. The higher your ad ranks, the better it performs and therefore (the clincher) the lower your spend to attract MORE qualified traffic.

In other words, we’re back to what we always knew as a copywriting agency: unique, high quality copywriting focussed around users (and what they search for) is rewarded and pays for itself…


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